6 ways to wear a bob hairstyle

With the hair cut, colored and dried it’s time for a final review. So how do I wear my bob after several weeks since the restyle? I never wear it straight down at both sides. But here are the six ways to wear a bob that I think suit me a lot better.

This is the final post in a series of four about getting a bob cut. If you haven’t seen the first three here they are:

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The condition of my hair

The hair defender has ensured that all the blow-drying over the circular brush has not damaged or over-dried my hair.  I’m happy with the shine and the smoothness and the blonder highlights catch the light well.

I’ve continued with a conditioner for fine hair in the weeks since the restyle. And I’ve been using a heat defence spray all through my hair before blow-drying.

Is the bob too straight for my features?

Blunt straight ends on bob tucked behind my ears
Style 1: Bob with blunt ends and tucked behind my ears

I’m still worried by the straight line of hair each side of my face which emphasizes my lined lower cheeks and the drooping corners of my mouth.  (How did I get such a worried and tired expression?  If you wonder why I mainly smile when doing my clothes try-ons, now you know!)

Alison suggests she snip the corner off the very top layer of the hair so it falls less heavily at the side of my face.

In the video you’ll see her demonstrating how she will make that cut.

But I know that, in fact, I intend to wear my bob tucked behind my ears.  This is a look that’s popular at the moment in France – though admittedly I’ve only seen it on younger women.

This means that I can just dry and style my hair quickly so it has a naturally straight lower edge.

I use a flat iron to style the very ends

Ends of bob turned under with flat iron
Style 2: Bob with sides sprayed back from my face

When I want one or both sides to hang near my face I add a bit of extra width at the ends by using my straighteners just on the ends.  These can be used to get a nice sharp edge or to turn the hair under for more swing and bounce.

Sometimes I pull the front hair back with my fingers and spray it with hairspray.  This gives a look I like.  But on my fine hair it doesn’t last very long.  So I have to respray every couple of hours. 

Front of bob pulled back and sprayed in place
Style 4: Bob with front styled back and sprayed

When I’m on my laptop I like to have my hair well out of my eyes.  So I’ve been experimenting with clips and grips to hold back all, or part of, my hair. 

These also work to take the top half of my hair back off my face and secure it at the back leaving just the short back hair to show in the area between my earlobes and my jaw.  I find this style is less severe than pulling all my hair back.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching me get a bob haircut in my mid-seventies and seeing, honestly, the ways to wear a bob that I can manage without a hairdresser. I’m getting used to it and love the ease of drying and styling it brings. I might get it cut even shorter next time.

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8 thoughts on “6 ways to wear a bob hairstyle

  1. I think that the bob looks great on you, the colour, cut…….everything.

    My view is that the bob makes your face look less long. Maybe it is having a horizontal line under your chin that is flattering?
    I am not keen on style 3 or the tied back styles but love the back of style 6. Your hairdresser did a great job.

    I know that sometimes you just want your hair off your face especially when you have often have tied it back. That’s me I do not like my hair hanging over my face. I think I look witchy too.

    Your hair is like mine, straight, fine and won’t hold a curl. Although my hair is fine I have a lot of it, I wear it long, to the waist but always have it tied back, a pony tail at home or up in a french roll when going out. I pull 4 or 5 pinches the top a bit loose so it is not severe.

    I have salt and pepper hair that is much darker at the back, like yours, with silver strands framing my face.

    Another view from me I think that getting it shorter, may be less flattering. Alison got it spot on.

    And by the way your make up looks great.

  2. This was a very informative blog today! I am in my late 70’s and wear my hair shoulder+ length and add some lighter color also. It’s a constant debate that I have with myself about what my next step will be. Do I cut it and do I let it go naturally gray. My hairdresser says “no”. Hmmm
    I love your new cut and especially when you finger pull it back casually with a bit of spray. Kevin Murphy has an awesome anti gravity spray that holds without stiffness and add shine. Just a thought. I’ve always liked your personal clothing choices too. It’s refreshing to see someone who dresses for their personal lifestyle, comfort and confidence! I may not always comment on your blogs but definitely enjoy them. Thank you!

  3. Your new style looks really excellent. Suits you. Enjoyed your honesty re the facial gravity issues. I copped similar hair to yours, except there’s a lot of it. Did the grey journey over a decade ago, & now in over mid 70s sport a ‘blended’ grey/white head of hair without need of colouring. With two hearing aids & often sunglasses I keep hair around the face for better hearing & comfort. For some oomph, I re-learned how to use rollers just on top of my chin length bob. Also have a longish fringe & strategic couple of layers at crown of head. A hairdresser who listens, suggests & shows her skills such an asset. Going to look for the root lift products. Trust you delight in your year’s city life.

  4. Very much enjoyed your process of finding a new style and I hope you find it easy to maintain.. My hair is quite different, texture and style wise, but I learned I should use a heat protector before blow drying as my hair is quite dry to begin with,

    1. Hi Barbara. Glad you got something useful from the post – it’s a different sort of article than I usually write. Joni

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