25 Flattering Easy-care Hairstyles for Women over 50

I’ve scoured the internet looking for hairstyles for women well over 50 that don’t need a stylist present before breakfast to look good. Here are my 25 favorite finds.

Choose the one that you prefer, load this page onto your phone (if you’re not using your phone to read it already) and take the image to the hairdresser.

It’s impossible to explain to a stylist what you want without an image. And remember all these cuts have been carefully colored so add that into your session.

I hope you find your next look here. Remember to send a photo if you try any of these styles. hello at immotherofthebride dot com or add a comment at the end of this post.

You’ll find lots more images that didn’t make it into my final cut (pun intended) from the sources I used: Hair Adviser hadviser.com, therighthairstyles.com and Nonpure.com. The big magazines also regularly run articles featuring hairstyles for older women and I’ve used a couple in the pics below. Most images appear on Pinterest.

But if you want to see really good styles for women well over 60 take a look at one of the new model agencies who specialize in older models. The French agency Masters at Mastermodels.com is a brilliant source of beautiful and characterful faces through to women over 70. They categorize their images into models and people (!) and I really like the more casual look of the ‘people’.

Very short hair on older woman

This characterful hairstyle is maintenance-free apart from very regular trims. You need a lot of confidence to take the plunge with this style. But the result is my over all favorite. This model is over 70 and looks stunning.

Bold mahogony color for pixie cut
Jacob Romero at Magnolia, Lafayette LA

This feathered pixie cut is a favorite with women over 50. You’ll need to get your colorist to make the main shade and highlights more dramatic than if you kept your hair longer. The top will need lifting daily and you’ll need to use a product such as a mousse or spray to keep the lift. Otherwise this style will last for days. Regular cutting is important.

Curly grey hair

Look how fun this curly style is. Finger blow dry every few days and keep hair in great condition. Ideal for naturally curly locks otherwise you’ll need a perm – but they are so gentle these days.

Smooth blunt bob
Jenni Smit, Scar, Cape Town South Africa

The perfect bob reflects the three tones of highlights giving this simple style more character. Get a trim every few weeks so the ends are always blunt. Get the stylist to show you the best technique for you to do your blow out (blow dry UK) and buy the right brush. You’ll need to blow your hair perfectly after each wash and add a volunizing product unless your hair is thick.

Dramatic short cut with heavy bangs gray hair

Do you have the confidence for this fabulous style? It’s a dramatic cut which can make you look very stylish, especially if you wear glasses. If you regularly get a good cut this style is super easy to maintain.

Helen Mirren short casual hair
Elle hairstyles on Pinterest

Helen Mirren is an icon for older women. Her hair style needs to be easy to adapt depending on what she’s up to. Notice the long bangs (fringe UK) and lift at the crown. You’ll need to keep these areas just right daily but that shouldn’t take more than a few moments of heat and a styling mousse.

Messy longish bob silver hair
Jennifer Bowman, The Upper Hand, Houston, TX

This messy layered bob is right on trend today. Keep your hair in beautiful condition with care products between cuts as you’ll need to use the curling iron every day or so. Give a gentle spray afterwards and use your fingers to separate the waves as it dries.

Sharp haircut with top waves and shorn back gray hair
Camie Schloemann, Cooper & Co, Santa Rosa, CA

This style is all in the cutting. So visit your stylist often. But between cuts you’ll just need a little volumizing product then spray to keep those layers bouncy.

Long sleek grey highlighted hair style
Xtophers, Vancouver, BC, Canada

For those of us with straight hair we may decide to keep the length whatever our age. Get a beautiful cut with front layers that can be swept back and sprayed or left to soften the face. Length means you can draw your hair back in various informal pony tails, buns and braids (plaits UK) so you may not need to use the straighteners between washes.

Woman over 60 with layered short hair
Amanda Marcus, Johnny Rodrigues Salon, Dallas, TX

This jaw length style is perfect if you have slightly coarse hair – which most hair becomes when it turns gray. If your hair has been well cut it will only take you a few minutes each morning to keep that side sweep and a little spray to maintain it in position.

Woman over 50 with thin hair layered style
Tiffany Shobe, Laura D, Mechanicsville, VA

If however you have fine and thin hair you won’t be able to keep waves in place for long. Accept this and get a good feathery layered crop that frames your face softly. A few moments lifting the hair at the crown will give the style movement. Apart from that, dry by pulling your fingers through from above the ears towards your face after applying a little mousse.

Mature women with bangs and layered bob

This is perhaps the most common style for us older ladies. And you can see why. Gently framing the face the heavy swooping bangs emphasize your eyes and add curve to cheeks which may be less full than when you were younger. So it’s important to keep those lovely forward curving waves and to make sure they end right on your jawline.

Perfect bob hairstyle silver hair
Atelier Salon, San Jose, CA

Another perfect day in Paradise! This rounded bob needs regular blow drying with a circular brush and finishing with straighteners. But between styling you can easily tuck it behind one or both ears and look cool too.

Over 60 hairstyle layered bob highlights
Natalie Karhut, Studio, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Medium length hair needs highlights once the natural colors start to fade. That gives a sense of lightness and movement to this cut. Use a styling wand or straighteners to lift the crown every day but otherwise just brush gently into place.

Over 50 hairstyle blonde highlighted layered bob with long bangs
Mary Wilson, Medusa, Huntingdon Beach CA

If you have thick hair this layered style with its long curling strands framing the face will be good for you. Get the best stylist you can find to do the initial cut and go back to them regularly. You’ll need styling products to give body and care products to make sure your hair is shiny. This style needs daily attention but not too much, depending on the natural bounce of your locks.

Older woman with hair drawn back in bun

A classic bun can look characterful on an older woman and a messy bun can look youthful at 50+. Bobby pins at the ready then, to fix this pony tail twisted around on itself. Once you have the knack you’ll be done in no time every morning.

Hair style for over 50s twists and curls blondish gray
Kim Whitfield, Elle Madison, Virginia Beach VA

Using a styling wand or tongs to twist hair into ringlets has been fashionable for a few years now. Get your bob slightly layered then twist and go. If you don’t have time every morning you can leave it more natural for several days.

Neat hairstyle with layered short bob ideal for woman over 60
Heidi Chaney, The Parlour Inc, Pekin, IL

Take the plunge and get your highlighted hair cut high and close at the back. This style is low maintenance daily but get regular cuts and use care products to condition your hair.

Jane Fonda layered bob

This is the longer version of the style we saw higher up. It has a rather eighties big hair look but it works well and even if you don’t want to tong it into place daily it will look neat behind your ears.

Helen Mirren with short hair gelled back
Stylebistro.com on Pinterest

Here’s Helen again. With her short hair brushed back and gelled or sprayed in place she could be you on a busy day. Looks smart and confident but it’s easy to achieve this look.

Mid length hair casually styles with layers, blonde

Here’ the more modern take on the Jane Fonda style above. A bit longer, a bit messier and altogether cooler. It works well for shiny straight hair that doesn’t keep a style for long. Give the front layers a quick wave with a heated appliance daily and make sure your color is the best it can be.

Smooth blonde hair in layered long bob
Goodhousekeeping.com on Pinterest

A lob – or long bob with long layers framing the face to soften it. Perfect for straight hair that doesn’t style easily. Use tongs or straighteners to give lift at the front and crown. Otherwise you’re good to go.

Heavy top waves on short pixie cut
Therighthairstyles.com on Pinterest

This short back, top heavy pixie cut is all about having gloriously glossy and carefully high-lighted hair. Rougher hair has the body to keep this style looking good for several days. Smoother hair will need tonging daily so use care products to keep that shine.

Long naturally styles silver hair on woman over 60

This simple long straight style needs perfectly healthy and well colored hair. It may be too severe for your face after 60. I might be wrong but I’d hazard a guess that the model has had filler in her cheeks. If your cheeks have fallen in more – as mine have – or if you have a double chin this flat style may not look as good as it does here. Maintenance? Next to none.

Short layered pixie cut on woman over 50

This is a youthful sporty short layered cut that is super easy to spritz and finger style each morning. Your hair needs to be well colored and contrast with your complexion. Use a little mousse to give body but no heat treatments required. It’s all about the natural. But note that the model has excellent bone structure, a good jawline and neck. Simple styles like this work so much better on this type of face. So if your face is softer, you have a double chin, or you don’t want to accentuate your brows perhaps go for something else.

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      1. I’m 75. Noticed my hair also gets a bit greezy. I wash my hair twice a week, brush and finger dry. Now, I just need a style! Sense I’ve becoming gray, I use purple shampoo 🧴 and conditioner. Keeps gray from looking dirty.

        1. Hi Sharon. Yes, purple really helps silver hair stay silver. That’s a good thing to be doing. Hope you find a style you love. I’ve got some new hair posts in the making so hoefully I can offer more help soon. Joni x

        2. U don’t need to use purple shampoo all the time. Use it only wn your hair gets dull or yellowish, than use regular shampoo. Make sure u r using cruelty free shampoo. No need for animals to suffer for our hair or make up.

    1. Love your hair. I have been having the same delima over mine. If you go shorter it will be hard to pull back.
      So refreshing to have someone be real.

    1. Hi June. Great that you’re going to have a go with one of these styles. I look forward to finding out how you get on
      Joni x

      1. Half and half, which means really aging which is something you’re trying not to betray. My hair is fine and luckily I have a very good stylist difference to my house and colour is my hair as I am unable to get to a salon. I’m lucky that my hair does not need die chilli white coloured for my own personal choice. Maybe this is giving you something to think about. Kind regards

          1. Because it was one of only styles on the list I cared for. If it’s a wig that’s fine. It’s still a pretty style.

    1. Me encanta necesito saber porque mis canas no tiñen , llevo el pelo rubio nórdico pero donde tengo las canas nunca se queda igual ,mi peluquera tiene muy buenas manos ella dice que mi pelo le ayuda ya que los cortes siempre me quedan súper bien pero lo de las canas me enfada que se podría hacer ojalá me puedas contestar

      1. Hi Karyn. My Spanish isn’t good enough to understand exactly your comment though I know it’s about having grey hair. Apologies. Joni

    1. Hi Donna. I agree. Do you have suggestions about how I could go about researching that? I’d love to do an article on that but don’t know much about it so couldn’t give my own opinions so need to do good research. Based in rural France I don’t even know any older women of color to talk to about ideas.

    2. Hi Donna. I agree. But living in rural France I don’t meet women who could chat to me on this subject. Do you have any pointers of how I could research it? Favourite websites perhaps? I simply don’t have the experience to write an article that would be much good right now. Thanks for your feedback. Joni x

  1. You don’t have ANY suggestions for African American hair, Asians or any non- Caucasian hair types that doesn’t involve Afro or braids?

    1. Hi Deborah. I replied to a similar comment recently. I live in rural France and know no non-Caucasians. If I still lived in London I could get some help re hairstyles and where to research them but frankly I just don’t have the expertise to comment on non-Caucasion hair. I absolutely agree that the media is woefully lacking in styles for non-Caucasions apart from braids. My mission is to make this blog the most authentic place for women well over 50 to get ideas and tips for looking their best. I just don’t believe I can be authentic on non-Caucasion styles. And I hate blogs that are written by people who know nothing of the topic they give advice on. If you want to research and write an article Deborah I will certainly consider putting it on the site.

    2. Such an offensive question! I have very curly hair and this is also not a good article for me. I am Caucasian… I think your racism is showing! Try to reword your question asking about you hair texture , length etc… Everything is not about your skin color!

      1. I am black and I see no racism here at all. It’s a fair question to ask considering our hair textures are diverse. I am over 50 with changing hair needs so the question is a good one to help us consider different styles that complement our diverse hair textures.

  2. There are some terrific posts on hair styles for non-Caucasian women. Easy to find using google. BTW, on these pins there are no suggestions for Caucasian women. As you said, Joni, you can’t advise on something about which you know nothing.

    1. Hi Jannell. Sounds like a pixie cut might be best for you. But use my styleing tips to add volume/bounce/structure. Don’t just let your hair lie too flat against your head. Joni x

  3. Hi I follow and read your comments Iam 59 and petite and recently have lost nearly 2 stone and my thick hair is looking too much for my face Iam scared of going from a Bob to short and layers and a sporty look???

  4. Just found your blog and I am loving it! It will take a while to go through it though…I need all the help I can get! Thank you!

  5. My hair has gone white! So surprising as my mothers was sort of mid grey! But I am loving it, no more colouring and styling, easy cut and easy to maintain.

    1. Hi Tina. Oooh your hair sounds fabulous. How lucky to have a definite color. It will make choosing clothes (colors) and make-up so much more fun. Joni x

  6. I wish I could see more short or medium length styles for naturally curly hair. My hair is very curly (think ringlets) and if I want it to look it’s best I have to wash it daily. A lot of curly hair styles I see aren’t really very curly but what I would call wavy. I am Caucasian.

    1. Hi Mary, that’s an interesting point. Having hair that lies as flat as a pancake and as straight as rod, I haven’t really considered curly hair very much. I’ve steered clear of non-caucasian hair types simply because I have no experience nor, today, living mainly in rural areas, do I have friends with such hair. But I will do some research on your hair type and see if I can come up with some useful styles and styling tips. Joni x

      1. I enjoy the hair styles; however as a young
        senior in late 70’s, I have three cowlicks to deal with. Found a perfect style for me, and that it still carries the curves like my teenage years!
        How special and fun it is to care for hair and clothing!


        1. Hi Karen. I’m envious you’ve found your perfect hairstyle. I’m still messing around with mine!! Joni x

      2. Me too! Very curly hair. Ringlets, Everytime I try a hair cut the stylist really messes it up. The last one used a strait razor. I came out looking like a mens hair cut. Curls went everywhere. Looked terrible. Any ideals would be đź‘Ť great I’m 66 with lots of grey.

        1. Hi, I’m 68, and trying to find the right hair style for me. My hair is curly to frizzy and just past my shoulders. I have a small head and a double chin. HELP


  8. Joni,

    Do have any information on hair piece inserts (small clip ins) that you can share. Jane Fonda uses them to get her thicker hair look.

  9. Hallöchen Joni,
    Bin 67 Jahre jung und meine Haare sind hellblond gefärbt. Meine Haare sind sehr dünn und oben vorne fehlen auch schon etliche Haare. Nun ist es so,ich liebe kurze Haare. Leider kann ich das nicht tragen,da ich furchtbare Segelohren habe. Hast du vielleicht eine Idee was ich machen kann?

    1. Hi Birgit. Thanks for your comment about your thin hair. If you wore your hair mid length then you could pull it into a small ponytail at the back and thus cover your ears. Joni x

  10. This is nice for all you ladies who have HAIR!

    It’s not that I don’t but very thin and balding.

    It looks way better when I have it done by a hair dresser. But I wash it about three times a week and even if I didn’t wash it except when I had it done it’s all over the place in the mornings when I get up. So even if I only got it washed and done once a week it still would be a mess after getting up in the morning.

  11. Joni
    I have a double chin and more of a round square face .I have a bob for many years and would like a change my bob is higher in back longer in the front .

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