Is a short bob a good hairstyle over 60?

Should you go for a straight short bob after 60?

Bobs are popular again these days.  But as we age our hair changes and so do our faces.  Is a bob a good choice of hairstyle for us older ladies?

I can’t tell you if a short bob is right for you because we are all different.  But I thought you might find it useful to see how I made the decision to have my fine hair cut into a shortish, straight, unlayered bob at 74.

This is the first of four short posts with videos about my bob haircut, color and style. I tell you my worries, what I really want and how things worked out.

In this first video I’m asking my hairdresser, Alison, for her advice on what style will best work for my type of hair and my features.

The before look

Mid-length mousey hair before the cut and style into a chin-length short bob.
Before my restyle

I usually have mid-length to longish hair.  It is naturally very straight and fine. 

But over the years wearing my hair loose has stopped looking as nice as it used to.  I have prominent cheekbones and my lower face has fallen in.  Having a straight line at the sides of my face seems to emphasize the lack of plumpness in my cheeks which makes me look drawn.

If I wear my hair loose, I spend time styling it into waves with my heated wand or flatiron (straighteners).  But a couple of years ago I noticed my hair got easily frazzled especially at the front.  And this has happened despite using conditioning treatments.

So, I mainly wear my hair drawn back off my face and held in a messy bun, a plait or just a pony-tail.

This helps to make the top half of my face the focus so the lines in my cheeks and the natural downward droop to my mouth don’t attract quite so much attention.

My worries about a short bob restyle

Will I be able to style it without frazzling it with heated tools?

Will I still be able to pull it back if I have no time for styling?

Will it look very flat and severe?

If I get shape through layers will these need a lot of work to keep looking good or will my hair just look shapeless and wispy without the hairdresser?

Deciding on a straight bob

Alison suggests that wearing my hair back is rather severe.  So I decide not to hold onto that as my ‘safety zone’ anymore!

She thinks a shorter length will help to solve the problem of straight hair dragging down my features and I agree.

Shorter hair will make it easier to get more volume in my flat hair too.  I wrote a post about getting volume into fine flat hair which you might want to look at too.

I know Alison does a great style with layering a bob at the back to give shape.  But she thinks I will find it too difficult to style the back every day (well, she’s right!).  And she advises against too much layering on fine hair as sometimes this makes the hair look even thinner.

So we decide to go for a sharp straight cut to about the jaw line.  And I’m already thinking I might come back to get an extra inch off it if all goes well!

If your hair is similar, follow me as I get my hair cut, colored and styled in the next three short posts.  It could help you decide if a blunt straight short bob is right for you.

I’ll also give product suggestions at each stage.

If you’re looking for other ideas for an easy-to-manage restyle and you’re well over 50 read this post: 25 Flattering Easy-care Hairstyles.

Next step, Post 2: How to improve the color of older mousey hair.

6 thoughts on “Is a short bob a good hairstyle over 60?

  1. You couldn’t of chosen a better cut and look for you! So chic, urban and enhances beautifully your face/eyes and cheekbones. You chose exactly right and congratulations on your grandchild and adventures and happiness in your new ‘world’. Looking forward to the new ‘capsule’ as my Spring and Summer one I learned all about from you was so confidence building and always had a casual/classic look going on too 🙂 So happy to have met your site 😉 Oh, and all the looks are pretty and very flattering. (my hair is totally opposite but I love this look, and will pass on to my sister who has the same hair, she’ll look adorable. )

  2. Hello, Joni. I am also 74 and have a short bob at jaw length, avoiding chin length so as not to draw attention to the jowls. My cut is only slightly layered to give a bit of body but not cut in , but rather under, at the nape. I also have very fine hair. This cut (shorter than yours) keeps its shape for a good six weeks. The first couple of days after washing it looks very good then it begins to look a bit flat. I have found that dry shampoo works wonders for the next couple of days and really adds body. Hope you find the same. I like your new “do”.

    1. Hi Jill. Thanks for the ideas and tips. Yes, I also sometimes use dry shampoo to roughen up the hair shaft a bit so it’s easier to create lift. Joni

    2. Similar style ..same age too. I have very fine hair too! I put two rollers in for about an hour no blow drying just lifts it a bit,

      1. Hi Shirley. Yes the minimal 2 rollers is a good plan. I used to do that too. Perhaps I should restart!! HNY Joni

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