How to dry and style a short bob

With the hair cut and colored, but still wet, now is the time to dry and style my short bob.

I have flat thin hair and in the video you will see my hairdresser advising me on how to use products to get body in my hair, whilst still keeping a smooth look.

This is the third post in a series of four about my new bob hairstyle. If you haven’t seen the first two yet, here they are:

1. Is a short bob a good hairstyle over 60?

2. How to improve the color of older mousey hair.

How to get lift at the roots of your hair

If you have flat hair you know that root lift is a priority for you.  So I ask Alison, my hairdresser, the best way to maintain my new bob style so that it doesn’t lie too flat.

I always feel that even a little bounce around my face makes me look much less drawn and tired.

Alison explains that just blow drying is not enough for my type of hair.  I will need a root lift product.

But she, personally, no longer uses a mousse on fine hair as it can be sticky and the blow drying can work the fullness down to the ends instead of lifting the root.

How to use a root lift spray on flat hair

Section the hair across the head while still wet.  Then spray the root lift product directly onto the roots of the hair underneath each strand.  Work carefully and methodically from the crown as you separate fine sections of your hair.

Lightly comb the product through the hair to add body.  Then blow dry.

At home, a useful technique is to blow dry the roots only, while you keep your head upside-down.  Once you bring your head up again you can then blow dry the length of the hair leaving the root lift in place.

Drying hair in a smooth bob style

Dry and style a short bob, the finished look
Dry and style a short bob using products

As older hair and fine or dry hair all have a tendency to suffer when we use heated appliances, it’s best to use a heat defender product all over the hair before you dry and style a short bob.  This helps to avoid frazzling strands and allows you to get a smoother look.

If you are confident – and have the strength in your arms – to turn a circular brush while holding the hairdryer then this is the way a hairdresser likes to work.  You can twist the brush more firmly to get more bounce at the ends.  If, like me, you prefer a sharper , more straight-cut, bob then draw the brush down whilst twisting it less.

Otherwise an air styler or hot brush works well.  It doesn’t make your arms so tired.

If your hair has dried out after blasting the roots, then make sure you use a cooler setting on your hairdryer or hot brush when you style the length of your hair.

Should you use conditioner with a heat defender product?

Root lift and heat defender sprays are for styling.  Your hair also needs conditioning.  Use a conditioner made for your hair type – I use a fine hair conditioner.  You can use a traditional conditioner that you apply and rinse out after shampooing. 

Or you can use a lightweight leave-in conditioner.  Spritz your damp hair with this or apply as a balm.

Product suggestions for styling a smooth bob in fine or flat hair

Living proof Full Root Lifting Hairspray, 5.5 Fl Oz
  • A heat activated spray to give a boost at the roots for a natural, touchable feel that lasts all day. Full Root Lift delivers a fine spray pattern that is never stiff or sticky for:
  • Body boosting
  • a non-tacky comb-out
  • Full Root Lift is ideal for fine, flat hair. It is silicone-free. Safe and formulated for color and chemically treated hair.
  • Hair raising
TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray 8 fl oz (236 ml)Pack of 3
  • Brand New!
  • Packaging May Vary!
  • Used By Professionals
  • TRESemme Instant Heat Tamer Styling Spray Conditions for soft, shiny hair
Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Conditioner, Detangles + Volumizes, For Fine Hair, 10.14 fl. oz.
  • Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Rinse improves manageability, thickens, and detangles hair
  • Adds weightless volume to fine hair
  • Helps to repair damaged hair
  • Thickens And Detangles
  • Thickens And Detangles

If you’d like more tips about adding body to flat or fine hair read How to Add Body to Flat Hair.

The next step, Post 4: 6 Ways To Wear A Bob Hairstyle

4 thoughts on “How to dry and style a short bob

  1. Hi Joni! You are very brave taking on child care for a year! I’m 78 and I couldn’t do it. I think you look great in a Bob haircut. You may want to shorten it so it kisses the corners of your mouth with a curve upwards. That is how I wear my naturally white with silver streaks fine limp hair. Mine is cut shorter in the back in a stacked cut but my hair curves under slightly all around. I have fine bangs cut to my eyebrows, very French. The softening curve helps us at our age. Don’t be afraid to wear your hair around your face. It softens where pulled back or straight down makes our face severe looking. Just try it. I use Aussie max hold mouse and an electric curl brush to lift layer by all 3 layers. Five minutes and I am done! I wish I could send you a picture! We have similar skin color and I wear glasses. Good luck with playing with your new do.

  2. LOVE your new hair style !! The color is very pretty. Personally I think highlights are a wonderful way to let your gray grow in but help Mother Nature along by making you more attractive.
    I enjoy your blog…we are the same age , and I like seeing fashion on a budget in my 2 favor Countries ( The UK and France) …I wish we had a Marks and Spencer in the US

    1. Hi Peggy. So pleased you think the bob is right for me! BTW ships to the US. Several of my readers in the States buy from that site. Joni

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