Hi. I’m Joni

I’m on a mission to help all women over 50 to love the way they look.

I started this site when I was researching dresses for my daughter’s wedding.

Living in rural France I don’t manage to get to shops and try things on very often so I mainly shop on the internet.

But it’s difficult to choose a dress when every picture shows someone slimmer, taller and much younger than you are.

That’s when I decided to try dresses on and show the results.  You see I’m over 70, only 5’2’’ tall and about 25% overweight.  Quite different from the models but pretty average for women my age.

I gained a lot of confidence doing this though I admit I found it excruciating at first.

I lived in New York a while back and studied Personal Image Consultancy at the world-famous Fashion Institute of Technology there.  So I’ve decided to put what I learned into practice.  I cover all aspects of style now but always focussing on older women.

Let’s not be invisible.

Let’s enjoy our senior status and look the part – with style.


Some milestones on my journey through life

  • I studied Literature, then Linguistics and Psychology at three universities
  • I’ve studied Personal Image Consultancy and Women’s Style at FIT, part of the State University of New York
  • I enjoyed thirty happy years of marriage but now love the solo life
  • I have one daughter who runs her own successful business
  • I’ve lived in London Paris Rome and New York
  • I’ve lost money and lived in a bed sit, I’ve made money and bought a chateau
  • I’ve met the Queen
  • I’ve written several non-fiction books that sold well
  • I’ve written three novels which never got published
  • I’ve started and run several businesses; the sale of one of them allowed me to retire to France
  • I’ve mentored female entrepreneurs from engineers to beauticians
  • I organised the UK’s first festival of female entrepreneurs that brought 1000 women to Bristol to talk business in 2013
  • I helped set up and chaired the 4th International Women’s Conference while I was a student that brought over 1000 women from across Europe to Kiel UK to talk about feminism in the early 1970s
  • I’ve imagined many scenarios for my life but I’ve never imagined being excited about visiting a garden centre in a mask – until 2020.


I’ve won lots of awards during my life. Here are a few from working with women. I’ve mentored hundreds of women from engineers to beauticians.