Best Collarless Jackets for Women Fall 2023

This year lady jackets, or cropped collarless jackets, have returned to popularity.  And it’s a great style at any age whether you’re 18 or 80! Scroll down to see my selection of the best collarless jackets for Autumn 2023 from US and UK retailers (these are affiliate links so I am usually compensated if you click then buy).

Here’s how I selected my list of the best collarless jackets:

  • Jackets that will look good on an older woman even if she is overweight.
  • Jackets that will go with lots of smart or casual outfits.
  • Jackets in fabrics that are trending in 2023, for example boucle, tweed and knits.
  • Jackets at an affordable price.

Best collarless jackets if you are overweight

Look for a strong shoulder line which usually means inset sleeves.  You want the shoulder seam and the seams at the top of the arms to form a structured line from which the jacket hangs – a bit like a coat hanger works.

If the top of your arms carry fat then you may need to take a size up.  You need the shoulder to start a little wider so that the sleeve does not cling to your outer upper arm.  The shoulder needs to be the widest part of the top, even when the jacket is fastened.

If you carry fat on your back make sure the size you choose allows the back of the jacket to fall straight if it’s a boxy shape.

If the jacket is more fitted then check the rear view when it is fastened to make sure it does not cling to your lower back so tightly that it highlights any roll of fat that you may have there.  Again, you may need a larger size.

The best fitted lady jackets if you have a large waist

A fitted or semi-fitted collarless jacket will hug your waist when it is buttoned up.  If you are top-heavy all the way up, then it’s just a question of buying the right size.  So don’t go solely by the number – if you need a larger size then buy it.  The last thing you want to do is to struggle to pull the front across your tummy.

The other solution is always to wear this short jacket unfastened.  It works just as a top layer and shows your shirt or vest.  I definitely have a couple of jackets I never do up.  I’ve kept them from when I was slimmer.

Here are my favorite lady jackets on US sites:

The best boxy collarless jackets if you have a large waist or hips

I am usually a size UK14.  This size fits my bust and usually my hips, but my waist is larger than the standard size.  My solution is to go for a boxy cropped collarless jacket.  I look for a flat unfitted front and a very slightly fitted back.

The length is crucial because I want a jacket I can wear unbuttoned or buttoned, depending on my outfit.  So I look for a collarless jacket that comes down no lower than the upper hip.

Because it is boxy the jacket skims my waist and stands away from my hips, especially at the front.  This camouflages the exact size of my waist and makes my hips look slimmer.

The best knitted lady jackets 2023

I adore these types of jacket.  They are essentially a heavy cardigan.  You can wear them all year so they are an item that will give you lots of wears for the price.

But they give less structure than a real jacket with shoulder, back and front seaming, so if you are overweight they may not be the best choice. 

Set-in sleeves are a must, and look for other details that emphasize the lines of the jacket – braid around the collar and down the front, and small pockets highlighted with a different color edging, braid or fringing.

I look for all these little details when I’m thinking of putting a knitted jacket on my list of best collarless jackets.

Is a lady jacket with buttons better than edge-to-edge?

I think you will get more outfits from your jacket if it has buttons.  These can be half-buttoned or right up to the neck to ring the changes.

However, you’ll likely find that you often wear a collarless jacket open.  Which make it the same as an edge-to-edge style.  The vertical parallel lines this creates are great for cutting off the sides of waist and hips and making you look slimmer.

And if you choose a contrasting tee-shirt, fine sweater, collared shirt or even a dress to wear below, then this slimming effect works even better.

An edge-to-edge collarless jacket works well for a larger waist – see my comments above.

My favorite collarless jackets on UK sites:

Styling a collarless jacket

In Fall 2023 boucle is having its moment!  So look out for warm little jackets in this fabric.  Pair with a silky or smooth fabric for the rest of your outfit – shirt, pants or dress.

I love the original Chanel look of tweed with a woven braid marking out the neat round neckline and  highlighting details such as pockets.

Boucle or tweed short jackets can be so versatile.

You can go for smart by popping them over a dress or a neat blouse or shirt plus tailored trousers.  Add earrings and even a necklace and suddenly you look stylish and soigne.

But you’ll usually see retailers of the best collarless jackets teaming them with jeans this year.

Add a tee or, in cooler weather, a rollneck to look young and classic.

Or for a more relaxed style wear a collared shirt and let the shirt tails hang below the jacket.  If you have large hips you may find jeans add too much bulk to this look.  So wear leggings or slim pants in a smooth fabric with some stretch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my list of the best collarless jackets for women in Fall 2023 and find my styling tips useful if you are well over 50.

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2 thoughts on “Best Collarless Jackets for Women Fall 2023

  1. i love a collarless jacket and have a couple. but they are very hard to find. the prices of these on show is high and proves how difficult is to find a middle price jacket. some are too boxy and short and many are to tweedy. i think the average english woman looking to smarten up as she gets older is probably not prepared to pay more than £80.00 and jackets in this price range with no collar are impossible to find.

    1. Hi Rosemary. I was finding it quite difficult to get the sort of jacket I wanted when I did this try-on but now everyone seems to be stocking them. Google collarless jacket uk and you’ll get some really nice ideas. Plus lots and lots in the sales! Happy shopping Joni

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