My Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2024 at 74

Every season I make a capsule wardrobe. I select a few items that go together to make multiple outfits. I try to ensure I have enough styles for everyday activities plus any upcoming events or get-togethers.

You can read my original ten step plan for making a capsule wardrobe from a few years ago. I still use this plan today. The idea is to re-style items you already have in your wardrobe then update them with just a very few new clothes. But as I don’t want to keep showing you the same outfits each year, I find I’m buying more new clothes than I probably would if I didn’t show these try-ons.

I’m short, 62 inches, about 25% overweight, and in my mid-seventies. I model these outfits myself because I find it frustrating that retailers only ever show clothes on taller, slimmer and younger people. So if you’d prefer to see a real older woman trying styles on, you’re in the right place!

Deciding on a color scheme for Spring

I usually start my capsule wardrobe by scrolling through the new season’s clothes in my favorite online stores. This helps me to decide on a color scheme.

This Spring denim is very popular and so are outfits based on various tones of cream through beige to oatmeal. As I have items in these colors I decide on a base color/s of beige through oatmeal and a second color of denim.

To give a bit more sharpness to some outfits I add in a little navy. And, because I fell in love with it, I make sure most of my season’s outfits will go under my new pink puffer vest.

As I am ‘nannying’ for my daughter at present, I need mainly very casual clothes that I can wash easily. Sometimes I go out for lunch or somewhere I want to look just a little smarter so I’ve added a skirt and a new silk shirt.

I’m including in my capsule wardrobe a denim dress I bought a couple of months ago. It’s not in this video or photos as I did a full post about styling the denim dress already. I like to have at least one dress… though I don’t get that many occasions to wear one these days.

The weather here in England is still cold and often wet. But I know – or should that be ‘hope desperately’? – that by June there will be warmer, brighter days. So I’m hoping to slowly remove the wool layers, then the cotton ones as the days go by.

Capsule wardrobe bottoms

Chinos are cut wide around the waist and hips so are ideal for relaxed everyday wear. Now my granddaughter is crawling I’m often down on the floor too. So chinos with straight legs are perfect.

Cotton pants can be washed and dried quickly so I’ve chosen a pale beige pair as my go-to bottoms. You can read more about the rise and rise of beige pants here.

I’ve added blue denim jeans as these are a bit warmer I find. Jeans are much more fitted around the waist and hips and top of the thigh but these have a little stretch that helps keep them in shape however often I kneel down to play on the carpet.

For when days are brighter I’ve added some ivory jeans. I think wearing them immediately makes any outfit look sunshine-ready.

Finally I’ve chosen a blue denim skirt. They are very popular right now and remind me of the sixties when I wore one – a bit shorter – as a teenager.

Capsule wardrobe tops

Many of my tops this season are in the ivory/cream/beige/oatmeal color range. This gives an up to date look when married up with my beige chinos or with my ivory jeans.

My base layers include a white tee and a navy tee.

My second layers include an oversized thickish cream cotton shirt that can act as a shacket too. My cardigan links cream and navy to draw the outfits together.

A cream sweatshirt works well for colder days and I can wear it over my shoulders as a layer too. Just like a cardigan or shacket, a sweatshirt over the shoulders can trim off inches at the thighs. I find that useful especially when worn, sleeves hanging down, over my ivory jeans. Jeans with stretch tend to emphasize broad hips and pale colors highlight them even more. So, long live the cardigan, the jacket and the sweater worn as a scarf!

Double denim

This is a ‘thing’ this year. So my denim shirt can be worn over my blue jeans or my denim skirt. It’s lighter weight than the ivory shirt – in fact it’s not made of denim, but it’s the right color – so it tucks in nicely as well as acting as a lightweight shacket over my tees.

My one special top

I usually include one item in my capsule that doesn’t necessarily go with everything else. I choose it because I fall in love with it. How miserable to feel you can’t wear something simply because it doesn’t obey the capsule ‘rules’.

Actually, this season I’ve bought two special items that stand apart from the main capsule – my pink gilet and a patterned silk shirt.. Highly patterned shirts are a great way to add some fun into a wardrobe. I’ve listed 25 ideas for floral tops in a separate article.

This silk shirt can make a pair of jeans look good enough for a smart-casual day out.

Capsule wardrobe footwear and accessories

I already had shoes in my capsule wardrobe colors – white leather sneakers, blue denim ‘old school’ canvas sneakers and dark navy leather loafers.

I bought a navy leather belt to add to the navy theme. It helps to make outfits look smarter when worn with the navy shoes.

I had a thin gold belt that brightens up cream outfits and makes them look ready for bright days.

My wider tan leather belt from my Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023 (French chic) looks right with blue denim, especially while the weather is cold.

My daughter gifted me one of the new style cross-body bags in beige. I’ve got several now as they are soooo useful when pushing the buggy. These days the style is to wear the bag right across one’s front. This is a great way of disguising a big tummy. Of course, it can also be worn to the side or as a shoulder bag, which makes the outfit look less casual athleisure.

Links to UK sites for some of my clothes

LK Bennett ‘Erica Plate Print’ Silk Blouse

M&S items:

Links to US sites for some of my clothes

LK Bennett ‘Erica Plate Print’ Silk Blouse

M&S (USA) items – scroll over for price in dollars

Over to you

I hope this try-on gives you some ideas of how to combine clothes in your wardrobe. Sometimes just a couple of new tee shirts can make a whole new set of outfits if the colors are all well co-ordinated.

Instead of feeling you have to rush out and buy a whole new outfit when you are invited somewhere, take a careful look at what you already have and decide what one simple item could transform your look.

If you enjoy looking at capsule wardrobes for an older woman with a casual retired life-style, look back at some of my previous seasonal capsules:

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8 thoughts on “My Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2024 at 74

  1. Love that blouse. Such a pretty colour.

    I too am 5’2″ but much more pear shaped, which also means short legs. You are so lucky that you have long legs because you look so tall and slim and fabulous in trousers.

    Also I live in Australia so more UK retailers that ship to Oz please. Since Covid UK retailers who did ship here have reduced.

    Primark Gillet, in one of my favourite colours, although I suit stronger deeper colours there is always room for some pink.

    Finally, please don’t stop, it is true that clothing is shown on younger slimmer models and photo shopped too, we need to see clothes as they really look on real people.

    Kind regards, Clare

    1. Hi Clare. Thanks for your positive comments. Yes, Covid and Brexit have deterred many UK retailers from exporting. So annoying. Retailers I suggest usually export world-wide. You may need to change the country at the top right or left side or even in the retail site’s footer.

  2. Hi Joni,
    It’s so refreshing to see a woman of my age and shape looking so fabulous!
    I love your style, the pink gilet is gorgeous.
    Like you, I don’t have a defined waist, so your ideas are great for me.
    I live in a very warm climate ( southern Spain) and I’m always conscious of my flabby arms, but I’ve realised, with your help, that nobody else cares about them.
    I never used to buy navy clothes, but am finding that the beige/navy combination is so easy and flattering.
    Sending hugs 🤗

    1. Hi Lynn. Great to hear from you and I am so pleased you are finding my blog useful. Yes, it must already be quite warm in Spain – I was in Malaga for a few days about a month ago and it was already beautiful.

  3. Hi Joni! Here in Colorado, USA, it has been a rollercoaster for weather, cold and wet with wind has turned today to windy warm with sun and fluffy clouds. I decided to change out my closet to warm weather clothes with only a few layering items like jeans, Jean jacket which is dark wash and a new purchase of a white denim jacket which is popular here. I a wear all shades of blue from navy to pale blue tops. White, pale blue, beige and alabaster white or denim in different washes on the bottom. I have only had to buy a few things as I shop in my closet the most. I’m five years older but also 5’2” and mostly white hair in a Bob but a little shorter than yours. You look better than I do in the beige tones near your face. I substitute shades of blue which go well with ivory or off white jeans. Great to read your blog!
    Sydney H

    1. Hi Sydney. We wear very similar outfits I think! Because I can’t always just show the same items – people would get soooo bored!! – I try to introduce different colours. But I look best in blue too! If I didn’t do the blog then my seasonal wardrobes would change only a very little year to year. As it is, I tend to stick to the same shapes which work better for me.

  4. Hi Joni! I’m 5’2” tall and at 144 lbs., I have gotten bigger in my waist. I can’t wear anything tucked in as I am also a little busty and it just makes me look more chubby than I am. I do wear the same colors as you do. I’m 79, was a blonde and am now mostly white and wear in a chin length bob. Life is very casual here in the small rural mountain town I live in with my husband and 2 fur babies, one elderly long haired cat and our adorable little Havanese rescue, Trix. She will be 10 next month. I shop in my closet and add a few things that go with my colors of denim, cream, white tan and almost any color of blue. I love your blog and seeing a women my age ish wearing clothes that I would wear. See you nextime!
    Hugs, Sydney

    1. Hi Sydney, So pleased all is going well for you up there in the mountains. Yes, tucking in is a problem, I agree. I usually just tuck the middle then cut off the sides with a cardigan or jacket. People our weight tend to get a bit bustier but also our bust is lower so tucking in is doubly problematic.

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