My 2024 Winter Capsule Wardrobe at 74

Here’s the winter capsule wardrobe I’ve put together for my simple life for the next three months.

If you follow these try-ons you know I am over 70, short and overweight. But I don’t let that stop me having fun getting dressed for my day.

Every season I put together a few clothes with a basic color palette that will see me through for two or three months. I only shop for new items to fill gaps or when a favorite gets too worn. You can see my 10 step recipe for creating a seasonal capsule here.

So if these pics look less than glamorous, that’s why. However, I hope they inspire you to sort through your own closet and re-use forgotten items in a way that makes you feel that ‘spark of joy’ once again.

To see a 5 minute video of my try-on scroll past the ‘Recent videos’ to near the end of the post.

Dressing for the British weather

As a capsule wardrobe has to take into account both lifestyle and climate I’ve got very casual clothes that can be layered depending on the temperature.

This winter I’m living in a town in England and I’m enjoying wandering around the shops and popping into cafes. But I’m also looking after my grand-daughter three days a week and that means indoors it gets quite warm but walking her in the buggy it can be rather cold.

I also like to go for country walks when I tend to move fast in an effort to use calories! So I have to plan for that too.

Black cotton roll neck and jeans is a good basic combination for my winter. I can add a long black shirt for indoors or add a long grey cardigan if I need something warmer.

I’ve bought some new slip-on sneakers – Sketchers style – and I’m loving the comfort. As my daughter has a no-outdoor-shoe policy I find they are ideal for when I go round to her house to babysit. So easy to get into and out of compared to laced sneakers.

My color palette for this winter capsule wardrobe

I’m building my winter capsule wardrobe around black and brown.

A basic look with brown could start with jeans, a tee and a gilet. Because the tee is short-sleeved it doesn’t have much bulk so even with the padded gilet it sits nicely under my winter coat.

Leggings for easy everyday wear at home

A sportier look, ideal for walking the dog if it’s not raining, teams my new brown cord stretch leggings with a chocolate brown knitted roll neck I bought in the Fall.

A scarf brightens up the look and adding the gilet makes the outfit possible for outdoors. A sleeveless puffer jacket like this golden-brown gilet I bought in the sales is perfect for winter walks as you don’t overheat if you walk quickly.

The big woollen sweater story

I bought a new big square-cut sweater is a speckled black and gray. I’m still trying different ways to style it with various items. It’s too warm for indoors but is ideal for shopping. I also like wearing it under my big winter coat when the weather is very nippy.

Big oversized sweaters are everywhere this winter. This one’s not quite long enough to cover my rear in these close-fitting leggings so if I go out I’ll be wearing the coat or the gilet, rest assured.

Velvet is no longer just for nights out

My straight cut black velvet pants from last year are so easy to wear. They have elastic at the back of the waist. They are just a bit smarter than jeans so I can add some jewelry to the black roll neck. But they still work well with a big woollen sweater or a long cardigan for everyday wear.

Kimono – the elegant cover-up

In case I get the opportunity to meet up with friends for lunch or in the evening, I’ve added a new light-weight silky top to wear over my velvet trousers. It’s a very casual kimono style which needs a black strappy vest underneath. Nowadays you can wear almost any shoes to go out in the evening so I haven’t added smart shoes just for this one outfit.

You can wear the clingiest top under a kimono and there’ll not be a bulge in sight. Oh happy days.

The winter legs problem

In colder weather there’s always the worry of what to wear on your legs under a dress. I bought this dress last winter in the sales. It’s in a fluid viscose jersey fabric. I wore it indoors with bare legs.

But I’m trying it out with opaque black tights this year. The long black cardigan works better as it marries up with the black tights but I think the gray cardigan and light-colored sneakers look fine too. This makes for a very comfortable look when I want a change from jeans and trousers some days.

Short video of my Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2024

How did I choose my capsule clothes?

Most of my wardrobe is back in France. So my choices of colors and clothes have been limited for this this winter capsule wardrobe.

I like to re-use items from previous seasons and years but try to restyle them to add interest. Then I fill in the gaps with a few new items to catch the spirit of what’s fashionable, if I can.

This year my new items for this season were (affiliate links):

High waist cord leggings in Bitter Chocolate by UK and US

Big gray speckled sweater John Lewis own brand (UK only)

Long black cardigan UK and US

Long gray cardigan no longer available, similar: Yumi at John Lewis UK

Gold-brown padded gilet by Gant. (not affiliate link) Bought in the sales at John Lewis for less that 30% of full price. Incredible find!

Black soft slip-on sneakers UK and US

My oldest item is my coat – I bought it in the sales at Max Mara in the 1990’s! I wore it for the New York winters when even a quick dash to the subway could freeze your ….s off. Then I gave it to my mother. Then my sister wore it for a while after my mum died. And now it’s in use again. The collar is not quite right for 2024 but otherwise the ample styling is right back in fashion.

My little Burberry cashmere scarf comes out every few years. I bought it – full price for once, hahaha – in 1999. I thought it rather expensive at the time but if I calculate the cost per wear…well you get the gist!

If you enjoy these try-on posts by an older woman, here are my previous winters:

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14 thoughts on “My 2024 Winter Capsule Wardrobe at 74

  1. Love every look you have created, ‘rich’ and elegant, but understated. The warm black trousers are key then find the gorgeous browns and creams. This is easy to do I think at any price and just dig out your color schemes. The scarf is a huge plus, a lifer. We can do that, also at quality and price for each person. Thrift shops come to mind here. The ‘big coat’ is LUSH. Thank you for winter inspiration, as I do have those colors and now can get creative. 🙂

    1. Hi Kate. I’m so excited to hear you are going to take a new look at colour possibilites among your clothes. A fun way to start the New Year. Joni

  2. Hi Joni, I always wear tights in winter. I have navy when I wear dark blue and black when I wear dresses with a black background. I think that brown tights would suit the dress better and coordinate well with the trainers (sneakers), just my opinion.

    I wear my tights with short ankle boots, black with black tights, if the dress is shorter or long knee high boots if the dress is longer, my ankles look like sticks if the dress is too long. I can still wear a short heel, have you thought about knee high boots with a short heel when you wear a dress?

    My boots are a relic of my time in the UK, I left in 1991 although I did spend 4 years back there to care for my father. And I too have some woolen coats which sadly I do not get to wear often in Australia but cannot bear to part with.

    1. Hi Clare. Thanks for sharing your style tips. I agree with all of them. Colour of tights with dress – yes, definitely. Long boots – yes, definitely. But I’m just over in the UK with a minimal set of clothes and didn’t want to buy masses extra. Sometimes life gets in the way of my blog! Joni

  3. I love your posts and look forward to them, Joni. I also subscribe to an American’s version of what older women should wear, but get frustrated with her $800 scarf type of ideas! You’re so very refreshingly real and someone I can relate to. Please keep writing! And more posts would sure be welcomed.

    1. Hi Lois. I love that you love my posts! Re the cost of clothes on the other site – most fashion and style blogs make money from affiliate products. Expensive products make them a lot more money that less expensive products. Although I add affiliate links to some of the clothes I mainly add them so it’s easy for readers to take a better look at the items, see materials, length and prices etc. Yes, if someone clicks and buys I get a small percentage but if you saw what that actually adds up to each month you’d laugh! I do get income from my blog though. From the ads you see. As it’s now quite expensive to run the blog because I have so many readers I need to earn this back. As most of my readers don’t earn huge salaries (any longer!) I made the decision to keep suggested items to reasonable prices – basically things I buy, or would buy, myself. This does mean all those ads though. Joni

  4. Hi, Joni you and I look similar in size and style. You could shop in my closet! Of course you are In England and I am in Colorado, U.S.A. I am 79, 138-140 pounds, and only 5’2” tall. My blonde hair has turned mostly white now and cool tone colors work best for me. We have inside shoes at the door and outside shoes although it is pretty wily now that we have a little rescue Havanese dog named Trixy. She is 9 years old and was a breeder dog. I wear long cardigans over long sleeve tees or a pull on sweater on especially cold days with a puffer vest. I bought a cream and a black one at the early fall sales at JCP, (J C Penney) online. I buy everything online as I live in a rural mountain town about 50 miles from the nearest large city, Colorado Springs. All of my grandchildren are adults with children of their own. They all live in other states so I talk with them by text. Their choice. I wear jeans everyday. I also wear socks. It is too cold here for bare feet! I did buy two pairs of short booties from Skechers and they are warm and so darn comfortable, like wearing slippers all day! I have bad feet so need warm comfortable footwear. Thank you for taking time out to do your blog. I really enjoy hearing from my friend in England and seeing we dress very similarly.

  5. Hi Joni
    Happy New Year. I’m just a bit older than you and always enjoy your posts. As for tights! I stopped wearing normal tights years ago and now wear footless tights with socks of the same colour. It works well with ankle boots and trainers, maybe not with a more elegant shoe

    1. Hi Averyl. Thanks for your tip re tights and socks. I’m going to have a go with that and see how it looks/feels. Joni

  6. Hello!
    This is the first time I have seen your blog!! It is so very nice to hear that others in their 70’s (I am 75) – are running in to dealing with the ever changing styles – this is how I like to dress as well – from Pennsylvania and we have all seasons here. No one at our age wants to spend a fortune in clothing any more and yet we want to look good and BE COMFORTABLE –
    Love your ideas – and will check back to see what you have in mind for spring too. Thank you.

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