25 Floral tops, Spring 2024, perfect for women over 55

Here is my pick of feminine floral tops for Spring 2024 which suit the body shape of most older women. All these tops are modest – so no low neckline, no sleeveless – you get the picture.

All these floral tops are available online in the USA.

I’ve included Spring floral tops ranging from pretty conservative to full-on contemporary. I’d buy and wear any of them myself and I’m over 70, short and square.

How to style a floral top

Make the prettiness of the top the focal point of your outfit. This means people will be attracted to the top and naturally move their eye up to your face. Perfect! If you have a large mid section or wide hips, a floral top will help distract attention from those areas.

Most floral tops look great simply tucked into any sort of pants. I wear mine all Spring with denim jeans and my denim skirt.

A patterned shirt works well with beige pants, white or navy linen trousers or tucked into the belt of a smarter pair of pants with front pleats.

If the top is long enough to cover your rear you can wear it over leggings.

On cooler days wear your floral blouse or floral shirt over a fitted tee which picks out one of the colors in the top, or even just a simple white tee.

What to wear over a floral top

A darker jacket such as a navy blazer is really useful. It cuts off the sides of your top right down to the hips so people see an interesting long rectangular area down your middle – your floral top. This is very slimming as well as making you look – a bit – taller.

An edge to edge cardigan does the same thing but keeps its shape less well throughout the day.

If the top has interesting sleeves, or if you wear your top with rolled sleeves, then wearing anything over the top is less successful. Not only is it difficult to keep the sleeve of your top neatly in place under a heavier sleeve but it’s fun to show off pretty sleeves.

I’ve picked out floral Spring tops with sleeves of all lengths and widths.

How to wear a floral top as part of a capsule wardrobe

You can find my style tips and ideas for how to put clothes together into a co-ordinated outfit or wardrobe in the ‘Style over 50’ category. You’ll find the Categories in the menu at the top of every page.

Take a look back at my Spring capsule wardrobes for ideas:

How to use this shopping list

All items on this page are available from retailers with a US website. Some are UK-based but all taxes and duties have been included in the prices on their US website. Sizes are in US format. Click on the words below each picture to get sizes, materials and current prices including discounts.

Please note links under each image are affiliate links – if you click through to the retailer then buy I usually get a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

Floral tops at Dillard’s

Floral tops at Macy’s

Floral tops at Seasalt

A floral top at Farm Rio

Two floral tops at Boden

Floral tops at Talbots

Floral tops at Chico’s

A floral top at Lands’ End

A floral top at Anthropologie

This post is the first of my ‘shopping lists’. I’ll be adding other items for other seasons and occasions over the next months. I hope it saves you time scrolling through hundreds of online clothes, many of which are aimed at much younger women.

I do the scrolling so you don’t have to.

4 thoughts on “25 Floral tops, Spring 2024, perfect for women over 55

  1. Boy, i wasn’t looking forward to this post because I’m definitely NOT a floral type. Imagine my shock when I scrolled down your pics and I would actually wear at least half of them! Thanks for a very pleasant eye-opening experience!!

  2. Your blog is so inspirational.
    My eyes instantly went to the silk floral top ,gorgeous.. but where can I buy it?

    1. Hi Lin. Thanks for you kind comment! The silk floral top is by LKBennet. I’ve added the link near the end of the post under both the UK and the US lists of links. Here’s the UK link: https://rstyle.me/+C_olys85KPbcG8WckZsjUw (but you’ll have to copy and paste as I can’t seem to add ‘live’ links in the comments section -probably to stop spam!)

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