Best beige pants and how to style in 2024

Beige pants are this season’s most sought-after item.  Here are picks from US and UK online retailers that I’ve selected for the older woman who wants to keep up with today’s styles but doesn’t want to wear the more extreme styles aimed at very young women.

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Why beige?

Tone on tone outfits are trending this season.  From white through cream and beige to tan, a reduced color palette aims to give a calm chic to both everyday wear and more dressy looks.

But for older women like us, beige is often difficult to wear as a top.  It’s simply too close to our skin tone these days.

Of course if you have a more defined skin tone with an olive skin, darker skin or even a healthy suntan, don’t dismiss the beige tonal range even for a top.  You’ll look great.

But for anyone like myself who is entering Spring with paler, older skin then let’s keep beige for outer layers and pants.

Three ideal beige pants from Boden USA and UK

Pale beige chinos by Boden

Banbury Chinos

These are a great color to go with most tops this Spring. Cotton with just a little stretch means easy to wash and dry. They taper slightly towards the ankle which gives a sporty casual look. Wear turned up to a length that suits whatever footwear you have on. Turned up chinos look right so no point rehemming them. They come in three lengths anyway.

Boden linen pants, Westbourne in beige

Westbourne Wide Leg Trousers

Made from 100% linen these are a staple of any Spring or Summer wardrobe.

If you like classic styling or French Chic then you will be wearing these non-stop.

I like the two buttons marking the centre of the waistband – it helps to draw your eye downwards. And I like the just-off-the-waist styling. This gives a casual look but a smooth waist.

Notice that the model is not wearing a belt. Belts have been de riguer for the last few seasons but now we are seeing some trousers with belt loops worn without.

Boden beige pants with side stripe in cream

Pull-on Side Stripe Pants

Stripes down the sides of pants have migrated from sportswear and leggings to pants that can today be dressed up or down. Yes some people even wear this style with strappy heeled sandals.

These mid-beige wide leg trousers fit well round the torso and hips then have today’s fluid wider leg. Wear them just a tiny bit too long over almost any shoe or boot so we see the movement of the fabric.

Keep the top more fitted, or square, to contrast with the relaxed silhouette of the pants.

Easy-to-wear beige pants from Chico’s

Chico's pale beige cropped pants

Brigitte Cropped Wider Leg Pants

Wear with flats or, as here, with a low block heel or even a wedge. Showing some ankle and above helps you to look younger and taller (yes, it really does!)

These pull-on pants are a very pale beige or cream and would look great with a breton striped top or a darker beige tee.

Smart and Stylish Beige Pants at Banana Republic

Banana republic Sloan beige trousers or pants

The Sloan Pant

Banana Republic are easily the best resource this year for tone on tone outfits with an underlying beige to tan theme.

These straight pants have two way stretch so they fit beautifully. Dress up with a tee and longish blazer or dress down with a half-tucked striped shirt. Wear the pants without a turn-up for a dressier look or turn up once or twice for a more casual vibe.

Talbots relaxed chinos, beige pants

Wear Anywhere Beige Pants at Talbots

Relaxed Chinos

I’ve picked out these classic cotton chinos at Talbots because I really like the color. This darker beige looks great against a white tee and a white pair of sneakers.

Chinos are traditionally cut (i.e. without stretch) wider around the waist and hip than jeans. This means no roll of fat at the waist and no emphasis on your hips or rear end. I always think of chinos as modest if not necessarily the most feminine of pants.

Two must-have beige trousers from Marks and Spencer USA and UK

Marks and Spencer's beige pants in jersey twill

Jersey twill straight leg trousers

With these jersey pants you can either wear them, as this model does, falling over your foot. Or you can go for a shorter leg that hits right at the top of your shoe or sneaker without breaking the line of the leg.

Floppy hems are more fashionable but I’m not much bothered about fashion now I’m much older. I’m more interested in what suits me.

I love the soft drapey fabric, the flat neat front with a high waist and no belt loops and, of course, that long pin-tuck running down the leg. Very slimming as long as you wear these pants big enough. Seeing that pin-tuck manoeuvre around hips or calves that are stretching the fabric will have the very opposite effect.

Marks and Spencer's slim fit beige chinos

Cotton-rich slim fit chinos

Marks and Spencer do many types of chino. These are some I’ve bought. I find the slim fit just right. It’s not so narrow that it’s difficult to get the pants on. But the line looks neat and sporty. I always fold up chinos rather than rehemming (I’m very short) so that I can wear flat sandals, sneakers with a thicker sole or even wedge heeled sandals on brighter days.

Although I have thick ankles I still find that showing an inch or two of bare skin between my shoe and the chino makes me look taller and slimmer.

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UK online retailers and sites

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  1. Yes, I definitely like the new look of your website. It’s easier to read and has a cleaner look. Enjoyed all the suggestions for beige pants, just wish that you had modeled some of them since you are much closer in age and body style to me than the models. But I appreciate the info, thank you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback re the new look of the site Isabelle. I’ll be trying on some of the beige pants as part of my Spring capsule….which I should do today….if possible!!

  2. Hi Joni,
    You requested feedback about your new website. I like the fonts and picture placement. However, I find the ads are placed in the way and there are a lot of them. I don’t know how you could change that but they seem to be mixed in with your article and detract from the content. As always, thank you for sharing your style.
    Sue House

    1. Hi Sue. Thanks for the feedback on the new theme for this site. Yes, I know the ads are a bit annoying. I’ve tried to increase the size of my images so they stand out from the ads but this doesn’t always work.

  3. Hi Joni! I hope winter is over where you are now. England still or back home in France? I love hearing from you. Yes, I have taken advantage of the sales. I just bought a linen lounge set, simple top and pull on pants from Quince in navy. I got a linen button shirt with long sleeves beige or natural linen blend from Old Navy. The sizing is a little large but linen shrinks. To get pants or jeans to fit I have to go a size larger in the hips than I need. I got some hoop earrings from Talbot and Chicos. These plus the clothes I have will give me a good basic wardrobe. I’m not seeing any major differences in your website. So good to hear from you.

    1. Hi Sydney. I love the sound of your new outfits! I love linen, navy and pull-on pants….so we’re so much alike in our personal style.

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