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This is part of a set of posts about how to get 5 new outfits from one new item, using clothes you probably already have in your closet.

So I’m making five looks for Spring using the new golden brown gilet I bought this winter,

A padded vest or sleeveless puffer jacket is such a useful item in anyone’s wardrobe, whether they are male or female, young or old.

In fact, because it is so adaptable it’s easy to just sling it on over anything at all. But with a little forethought we can make it chic and stylish rather than just comfy and warm.

I bought a gold-brown gilet for the winter and you can see it as part of my Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2023-4 here. But today I’m looking ahead at how to style my gilet as the brighter days arrive in late winter and early Spring.

One new item, 5 new outfits

I’m styling the gilet with a couple of items I’ve already bought (early February) ready for my Spring capsule. This is in case it doesn’t work with these items as then I’d probably rethink my Spring wardrobe or take back the new items.

See the images at the end of this post for US and UK links. As these are affiliate links they pay me a small commission if you click then buy through them. Thanks for your support!

I’m also, of course, getting ideas of how I can style my puffer vest with items I already have in my wardrobe. I’m looking for lighter weight outfits that update the looks for the brighter weather.

I’m hoping this inspires you to spend a fun hour in front of the mirror, trying on your padded vest with your own clothes. So by Springtime you know what will look good and if you need to buy anything to complete your look.

Super casual weekend outfit

The easiest way to update an outfit for Spring is to add brighter or paler colors.

Working within the brown color range I’ve been wearing for my Winter Wardrobe this year I’ve pushed the tones towards the paler end of this spectrum.

Here I’m wearing my white leather sneakers – which I never wear in winter. I’ve added beige straight-leg chinos. These easy-to-wear cotton pants are perfect year round. This paler shade, though, adds a more Spring-like vibe.

The main addition is the (thick) pale cream cotton shirt. It’s probably too warm for summer but really lightens the look for bright days in March.

Holiday outfit

You’ll recall this breton sweater from my French Chic try-on around this time last year. I think it adds a seaside holiday look to my beige-through-cream outfit.

And, of course, it adds an extra layer for warmth. Early Spring in the UK can have some wonderful bright days as the bulbs start flowering but these days can be a bit nippy too.

Coffee with a friend outfit

I’ve swapped out the thick cotton shirt for a simple crew neck cotton tee. This always spells ‘better weather’ for me.

Still working within the same color range I’ve added a wool collared sweater. The tone-on-tone layers help to make an outfit that’s casual but considered. I’m not ‘dressed up’ but I’m styled even so.

Time with the family outfit

One new addition I’m looking forward to wearing in my Spring capsule is a midi length denim skirt.

They’ve become very popular in the last few months. It’s all part of that ‘back to the seventies’ look.

I’ve changed my footwear to some denim lace-up trainers I have. Denim on denim is ‘a thing’ right now.

Shopping in town outfit

To make this outfit a little smarter I’ve added a silk scarf at the neck and put on my black patent and suede tasselled loafers. I’d wear this outfit indoors or to go shopping on a warmer day.

Anytime casual outfit

If you follow these try-ons you’ll know I love to wear jeans and trainers.

So here is another outfit using items I already own but with the addition of a new lightweight denim-style shirt. I’m marrying up the browns-through-creams with my new denim wear.

If I keep the shirt then I’ll also wear it over the denim skirt to go for todays ‘double denim’ look.

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Where to buy (UK)

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