New 2021 style jeans try-on at 71

I’m trying on four styles of the new wider-cut 2021 jeans and comparing them with a pair of 2020 Mom jeans and pre-2019 straight leg jeans. Use these details and images to decide which style is best for you, especially if you’re over 50.

During the past 18 months we’ve been isolated and just wanted to wear very casual comfortable clothing.  So we’ve seen the rise and rise of athleisure and loungewear.

This has translated into the new jeans for 2021.

These are 70’s inspired.  So expect everything from the traditional 501 style denims through to flares.

Spring is the perfect time to update your jeans collection. Depending on your climate you’ll get masses of wear out of them both with woolly sweaters and cardigans as well as with long and short sleeved tees. In summer you’ll probably need them sometimes when things are cooler, for example evenings. And by Fall you’ll see them as old trusted friends as the days get colder again.

I’ve never liked skinny jeans even on young people.  They’ve always seemed a mismatch of sexy and hardwearing.  But I know I’m in the minority!  So when Mom jeans came back in 2020 I was very pleased.

This year styles are a lot wider cut – but is that going to be too wide for me?

I tried six pairs of jeans on, all different cuts, so you’ll be able to decide for yourself which types could work well for you and your figure.

What size and height am I?

If you follow these try-ons you’ll know that I don’t retouch or elongate the photos to make me look better.  The idea is to show exactly what a 71 year old looks like.

I’m short – 5’2” and I weigh 140lbs.  So basically I’m a square with wide hips.  I’m certainly far, far away from any model you will see on a retailer’s site.  But I’m actually typical for my age.  So hopefully this try-on of 2021 jeans will help you to visualize these new styles as they might look on you.

Some of the jeans I try on I had to buy locally here in France because of slow imports due to Brexit and Covid so I’ve given you a link to the nearest similar jeans I could find online.  Others I bought online and I give you the link to the exact jeans I purchased.

I’m trying on this year’s jeans first, then comparing them to two pairs I’ve been wearing over the past year.

Wide flared jeans

Similar jeans at ASOS

Similar jeans at Warp+Weft

These jeans are standard length which I’ve turned under (massively).

I think we used to call these ‘loons’ back in the seventies.  I didn’t wear them then and I wasn’t attracted to them in the store this time around either.

BUT, when I put them on – wow were they comfy!

The fabric seems quite thick (so perfect for Spring but probably too warm for Summer).  There is, oh heaven!, a wide elasticated waist.  They are cut very, very long as I imagine some women will want to wear them with the new – slightly boho trend – puddling over their shoes.  The weight will help them to hang down straight to the ground without too many folds forming on the legs.

The hems may look a bit odd in my try-on as I had to pin them up with a massive hem to get them to ankle length.

At the end of this post I’m going to compare the hem width and front rise of all the jeans I try on.

So what do you think?

Honestly, they don’t look as bad as I thought they would!

I think my main reservation is that to get a good silhouette I would need to wear a fitted top. 

These jeans emphasise the width of the lower body with not only wide trouser legs, but also with the front square patch pockets. 

Unfortunately, my large waist makes fitted tops look bad on me.  Anything that reveals the existence of middle flab is a big no no.  With the wide elastic waist these jeans definitely didn’t push my flab up so it looked even worse, but even so, I’d feel less than my best in most of my Spring tops with these very wide-cut jeans.

So I took them back to the shop.

Not sure what your own personal style is these days? You need to take our free 5 minute quiz. Click here!

Boyfriend jeans

These jeans are petite – other sizes available.

These jeans at Marks and Spencer

These are very on-trend right now and I was looking forward to trying them on.

Boyfriend jeans are straight leg jeans, cut wider at the waist and on the upper leg so they are very comfortable.  Unlike girlfriend jeans they do not cling to the waist.

As soon as I put them on I loved the fit.  It took me right back to the sixties and early seventies.  I loved the wide waist that gaps slightly at the back. And these were the only jeans where I could tuck a top in easily.

I like to show a bit of a belt at the front if I tuck in and as these jeans have belt loops that was easy.

These denims have the traditional 5 pockets and belt loops.

The material is medium weight and has a slight stretch.  It feels like denim used to feel and has the least stretch of all the jeans I tried on.

These are definitely not sexy jeans!  They don’t hug your rear or your upper legs.  At the same time they are not so wide that they make a big fashion statement.

All wider cut jeans are going to look better with fitted tops but I think I’ll be able to wear these with a tucked tee and possibly a crop cardigan over.  This should help even up the silhouette so that I’m a rectangle rather than a flat-bottomed triangle.

I’m not keen on rips and tears in jeans.  So I was disappointed to see that these had a couple of very small ‘patches’.  But I guess if your boyfriend is a hard-working car mechanic you’d see these jeans as authentic.  Alas the days of scrambling out of bed and borrowing clothes from a lover to make breakfast are long gone for me!

I’m less bothered by the ‘mends’ than I thought I’d be so I decided to keep these jeans – if only to stroll down memory lane.

Marks and Spencer’s jeans

I bought these boyfriend jeans online at as they now have a dedicated site for France as well as the USA, UK and other areas.  They arrived really fast and all taxes and import duties had already been included in the online price. 

Since the UK left the European Union some stores such as have ceased selling to me here in France, whilst others can’t say how much the duties are that might be demanded by the courier company.  Needless to say these latter firms don’t offer free returns from here either.  I guess it will all get sorted out some time but right now it makes these try-ons here in France more awkward.

So THANK-YOU M&S for your stellar service!

Girlfriend jeans

These jeans are standard length.

Similar jeans at ASOS

Similar jeans at Bloomingdale’s

I wanted to have a pair of pale wash jeans this year.  They are reminiscent of the seventies. 

Girlfriend jeans are generously cut for the upper leg and have a straight-ish leg.

The difference between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans is that girlfriend jeans taper slightly near the ankle and the waist has a slimmer and more feminine fit.

The weight of these jeans is medium – about the same as the boyfriend jeans I tried on.  They also have some stretch.

These jeans have the highest rise (from crotch seam to top of waistband) of any of the jeans I tried. Which is definitely a seventies or eighties thing.

They are left un-hemmed and some people wear them this way.  I think I prefer them turned up.  Having no thick hem seam makes rolling up the legs easier and less bulky.

If I want I can always cut a couple of inches off and leave the hems unsewn as at present.  As these jeans are standard length I presume they are designed to be several inches above the ankle on a standard height woman.

Again, these are not sexy jeans!  They have that retro hard-workin’-woman vibe.  The pale wash adds to this.

I felt comfortable in these jeans.  Not as comfortable as the boyfriend jeans but the wide cut upper leg is easy to move and bend in.  In fact the upper leg runs about 3 centimetres narrower than the boyfriend jeans and the hems are just a bit – about 2 or 3 centimetres – narrower than the boyfriend jeans too.

But of course the difference in comfort for someone my shape comes from the waist being smaller, more like a regular (modern) jeans fit. No gapping at the back and probably not enough room to easily tuck in a top front and back.

There are the traditional five pockets and belt loops which I find useful.

So I decided to keep these jeans too.  Mainly for the color.

Regular fit jeans 2021

These jeans are standard length but I’ve tucked them up.

Similar jeans at Marks and Spencer

Similar jeans at Warp+Weft

These jeans are the main seller this year. 

They have a lower rise than the pale wash girlfriend jeans but still reach to the waist or just below (on someone average height).  So they have that Mom jean fit we saw so popular last year.

The width at the top of the leg is just a tiny bit more than the Mom jeans I bought from the same store last year but a whopping 6 cms less than the girlfriend jeans (6 cms is about 21/2 inches.)

The main difference we’re seeing this year is the straighter, wider leg.  6 cms wider at the hem than last year’s Mom jeans but almost the same as this year’s girlfriend demins.

In the pics I have turned up the legs so they hit the top of my sneakers.

As these have a very similar cut to a pair of straight leg jeans I bought a couple or so years ago I took them back to the store.

So it seems this year most jeans are wider at the hem though some still retain a close fit at the waist and thigh.

Mom jeans

These jeans are standard length but I’ve hemmed them to fit me.

Similar jeans at Marks and Spencer’s

Similar jeans at Bloomingdale’s

I bought these last Spring as part of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2020.

I thought I’d show them here to see the difference between these straight cut high rise pants and this year’s wider cut ones.

They are lighter weight than any of the jeans I’ve tried on so far.  They hug waist hips and thighs (on me) with plenty of stretch.  There’s certainly no disguising one’s width in these denims.  But I have to say that the dark wash and narrower legs look smarter.  I could dress these jeans up or down, whereas the wider fit jeans I think look definitely casual.

It may be that in a year or two these jeans will look strangely fitted.  But I’ll enjoy wearing them till then.

Straight cut jeans

These jeans are standard length but I’ve hemmed them to fit me.

To see similar jeans see above for regular jeans.

I bought these two or three years ago I think.  They are slightly distressed for casual wear.  I like the traditional mid blue wash.

I think they still look fine.  But I do find the waist a bit tight so I tend to wear them under a sweater or a square-cut shortish top that hangs outside the waistband.

Again, they will probably go out of style in the next few years but they’ve served me faithfully up to now.  Us older women don’t need to keep right up to date with fashion, thank goodness.  But we don’t want to look as if we’ve been living in a hermit’s cave for years either.

The most important thing for us is to wear clothes that fit us, that are comfortable, that will last a few years (so not high fashion) and that we can style to make our proportions look just as good as they can be.

How the jeans compare by width and rise

Here’s the comparison of the jeans by measurements:

StyleHemRiseTop of leg
Wide flares62cms32cmsWide
Regular 202138cms28cms58cms
Mom 202032cms28cms57cms
Straight 201940cms28cms58cms
Comparing 6 styles of jeans 2021

I hope you’ve found this try-on useful. If so, you might want to see some of my other try-ons:

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30 thoughts on “New 2021 style jeans try-on at 71

  1. I unsubscribed earlier by mistake so I am re-subscribing here. I enjoy your posts very much and would not want to miss one! I am 78 years old, live in California, enjoy traveling and I’m still trying to develop that perfect capsule wardrobe. Hopefully this will be the year- with your help!

    1. Hi there in California Peggy Jean! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love the interaction as well as the feedback. We may be locked down here in France again but it makes my day to hear from someone half a world away!

    2. I agree the straight is best…. I determined this for myself too. At age 70 old ladies in baggy jeans just look extra old!

    3. What a really helpful site. You have explained very successfully , what for me was a totally confusing array of styles.
      Im about the same height and shape as you, albeit a little older, so have found your comments invaluable.
      Many thanks, Jean.

  2. Thanks for the try on! I would like to know if your Breton tee is the Boden one and what the color is called. Have been looking for this particular color.

    1. Hi Terry. The Breton too in these photos both came from my local French supermarket last year or the year before (Carrefour) and CacheCache France. The Boden long sleeve breton in Navy/ivory is near enough identical – in fact it’s probably better quality! . LINK:

      Joni x

        1. Hi Carol, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, i tend to wear these much more often than any other jeans – even though this try-on is two years old now. Joni x

  3. As a Brit living in the USA for the last 20 years and a retired fashion designer. I have just discovered your blog and website and found it a most interesting read.
    I am 70 years old, 5′ 4″ and 130lbs and I have developed a passion for colour.
    So I have one closet of my basic colours, black, white, grey, beiges, navy, etc. I very rarely wear dresses so it is all separates. The number 2 closet is full of my coloured items, again all separates. So between the 2 closets and depending on my mood I can mix and match.
    When travelling I follow the same dress code as you, but can’t resist adding a couple of highly coloured scarves. I agree with you no heels just shoes for comfort!
    Keep up the wonderful work. Mali.

    1. Hi Mali. Great to hear from you. I like your two closet idea. And yes, scarves make a huge difference to your look, I agree. Thanks for your useful comment. Stay safe. Joni x

  4. Best advice on clothing I’ve been able to find. Love your ideas. It’s hard to transition, even though I know I can’t continue to wear what I used to wear. I still think I’m young….and I want to wear youthful clothing, but know a lot of my choices are wrong. You have really helped me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Loreli. I’m glad you find my style tips of use. Take a look at my Mature Style Course (click link in main menu). It’s a step by step change plan which you can work through in a week or a year! Personally I find a project broken down into baby steps helps me to complete it without the overwhelm. Thanks for the positive comment. It makes me get going again on more posts! Joni x

  5. So glad to discover your blog. I’m new so will need a few days to catch up on your previous postings. Such good advice on the different jeans styles, thank you.

  6. Hi Joni! I have followed you on Pinterest for a couple of seasons as we are similar in size. I also am 5’2” and 141 pounds. My waist and bust are my problem areas. I am too large busted to were button front shirts and I have to buy pants that are a size too large to fit my waist! Then the hips and thighs are too big. So as unstylish as they are, I am still wearing leggings with oversized tunic style tops. I am 78 and comfort is number one for me. I have kept my older wardrobe that fits my waist and donated the smaller waist sizes. The rest of me stays the same. I can’t wear jeans anymore. They are extremely uncomfortable in the waist and crotch when I sit. I am sticking with your color plans of grey, navy white and black with some subtle blues for tops. But I love light grey since my hair is no longer blonde but white and silver. Keep showing us comfortable style for real women. I was never a size 2. I like real pictures of a lovely mature woman in clothes that I mostly can wear. Keep up the good work Joni! Oh! I live in rural mountains of Colorado, USA.

  7. Hi my name is Mary and I will be 73 in a few months. I live in Alaska and I would love to have some style in my clothes, but winter brings old jeans and snow pants an old sweatshirt a very large coat and big winter boots. This is what I wear to the woodshed and to do outside chores, and an occasional trip to town. Summer it is leggings under chest waders and a tee shirt, or old jeans, barn boots and a tee shirt. I enjoyed the different kinds of jeans. I asked my husband what he thought and he said he liked my new ones, so I told him they were new in 2002. After saying all that I just want you to know I enjoyed your articulate or whatever you call it. I am determined to go to our one store in town that has some clothes and find me some new jeans. Thank you

    1. Hi Mary in Alaska! How great to hear from a woman my age who lives in a region I have never ever visited!
      The style of jeans can last for decades to be honest. I still prefer my straight jeans and my try-on here was just to give women an idea of how they look on someone a bit older and heavier. Some look OK some less so.
      Why not build one small set of ‘trip to town’ clothes that you can have fun wearing. A little smarter than your work clothes but not so smart that people turn and stare! I wear a simple casual classic style most days and have a few outfits I enjoy putting on for a trip into a city. Joni x

  8. Thanks Joni, at the end of this the month my sister, daughter and I are making a trick to Anchorage. I showed your article to my daughter and she is going to help me look for a new outfit when we are there.. it will be fun. As you have probably guessed I don’t get out much. This made my daughter very happy, she hates my clothes. She has a very good since of style which she says she got from me when she was growing up. She calls my clothes now “Woodshed Sheek.”
    If your ever in Alaska let me know would love to meet you. Mary

    1. That sounds a good conversation between you and your daughter. If I ever get back to the States I intend telling all my mewsletter subscribers just in case I’ll be near where they live. Best wishes for your shopping trip! Joni x

  9. You’ve forgotten all about the women who cannot wear a short top slightly tucked in to the front as trendy styles may demand.
    We have a belly and it demands attention also. So how do these women wear tunics, longer T shirts, etc. ??
    Which leg style looks ok with these longer tops?
    I struggle with that daily.

    1. Hi Sandy, well I have a belly I can assure you. And I find tucking a tee shirt in for an inch or so at the centre waist helps to disrupt the line so the exact size of the belly doesn’t look too obvious. Joni x

  10. Kudos to you for trying new things. I am 74 and plan to remain the clotheshorse that I have always been. So, it’s nice to see what others in my age group are up to.

    I’m long-legged and short-waisted, so jeans in any style are not especially flattering on me. I do have a pair that does not have a waistband, so they look nice. But they are about to fall apart because I wash and wear them so often! (LOL!)

    1. Hi Roberta. Sounds like you know what you look good in. That’s what it’s all about really. By the way have you tried low-waisted jeans that sit on or just above your hips? They might be right for your body type. Joni x

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