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14 something blue gift ideas

  • Sapphire bridal garter
  • Sapphire earrings
  • Blue-soled wedding shoes
  • Pastel blue nail polish
  • A blue song
  • Coastal blue Le Creuset
  • Mediterranean blue tableware
  • Pale blue bed linens
  • Blue velvet tasselled cushions
  • Pale blue pom pom baskets
  • Blue skies on a winter getaway
  • Delicate blue slippers
  • Acquamarine necklace
  • Bright blue designer bag

It’s fun to look out for special gifts for your daughter and her fiancé.  Here are some ideas around the ‘Something Blue’ theme.  There are things for the bride to wear on the day but why not step outside the box and find other gifts for her Something Blue.  You could make a little collection of delightful gifts following the rhyme – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in her Shoe.

Something blue to wear on her wedding day

  • Blue Garter

It’s always been popular for the bride to wear a special blue thigh garter.  A hundred years ago the garter was an essential item for women.  And men!  Women held up their stockings and men held up their socks.  (Do scouts still wear garters I wonder?)

Lace bridal garter with diamante and sapphire decoration
Lace bridal garter with sapphire decoration

Today the garter is a fun accessory. 

They are very inexpensive and there are hundreds of beautiful styles.  Try Amazon and Etsy for lots of choice.  Bridal shops and chain stores with bridal and gift departments are also worth checking out.  Many garters can also be personalised with names, dates or sayings to make them very keepable.  Here’s one I like on Etsy.  Remember you will need the exact thigh measurement of your daughter to ensure you don’t buy one that leaves a mark – or even worse – starts slipping down!

Once you’ve seen the variety available you might decide to make the garter yourself.  They are quick and simple to sew with a short piece of lace, ribbon and elastic.  Look at this tutorial on YouTube from Weddlink  

  • Blue Earrings

If your daughter is not set on having diamonds for her bridal look then why not offer her something blue in the form of a beautiful pair of earrings?  To ensure these become a keepsake that she will want to share with her own daughter one day, buy something special. 

Aquamarines have a pale bluish-green colour that reminds us of the sea.  They were traditionally kept by sailors to ward off the perils of the ocean.  Today they are symbols of a March birthday.  But I find them exquisitely feminine and understated and therefore ideal for a bride whenever her birthday. Click here to see the beautiful range of aquamarine earrings offered by specialist online store Blue Nile.

Small hoop earrings set with diamonds and sapphires make a beautiful bridal gift
Sapphire earrings will become an heirloom

For a dramatic contrast to the bridal gown you could select this pair of hoop earrings with sapphiresby Trudiamonds. Sapphires come in many shades of blue with the most intense colours attracting the most interest.  Natural sapphires are expensive but you can get lab-created sapphires for less.  These really are sapphires and have been created using intense pressure and heat just as in nature. 

There are many other lesser known gemstones which can give earrings their blue.  Tanzanite rivals sapphire but it is less expensive and less known because it is too soft to be used in rings.  So don’t disregard earrings with stones you have never heard of.  They may still be very beautiful and precious, and ideal for earrings, which rarely need to stand up to abrasion or knocking.

  • Blue shoes – well, bluish
Bride with silver and blue-soled high heels
Shoes with painted blue soles

Here’s a trend that I find very sweet.  Instead of wearing blue shoes, the bride wears the traditional white or silver shoes but the sole is painted blue.  The guests get tiny flashes of the colour as she walks up the aisle.  If the wedding service is in church they also get a pretty sight of the blue soles when she kneels at the altar.

You’ll need to buy paint that is right for the sole.  Acrylic paints tend to work well on leather but if in doubt take the shoes to a craft store and ask their advice.  You’ll want to prepare the shoes for painting by standing them on sheets of newspaper and using painter’s tape to protect the edge of the shoes.  Painter’s tape (UK masking tape) is waterproof and peels off easily as long as you don’t leave it on for days. 

Prepare the soles by cleaning all grease and dirt off them with rubbing alcohol or nail varnish remover using a soft cloth or make-up remover pad. 

When they are dry paint them with a thin coat of primer.  Ask at the paint shop or craft shop for the right primer for the paint you are using.  Primer helps paint adhere to the surface.  Give the primer plenty of time, at least an hour or so, to get completely dry. 

Now you are ready to apply the paint.  Use a small brush not more than one inch wide.  There are brushes specifically designed for different paint types.  Using long regular strokes apply a thin coat of paint from toe to heel.  Wait for it to dry then apply a second coat and then a third. 

Finally apply a coat of transparent sealant.  This will help preserve the paint surface and reduce the danger of colour coming off onto the floor.  I like to apply several very thin coats of transparent sealant when I paint objects. Once you are happy with the result and the shoes are perfectly dry very carefully remove the tape.

See these shoes on Something Turquoise DIY.

  • Blue nail polish
Pastel blue nail polish for the bride
Pastel blue nail polish

If your daughter likes the idea of a flash of blue on her wedding outfit but doesn’t want to go as far as having you paint her shoes, then nail varnish could be the answer.  Pastel colours are very popular at the moment so you will be able to find a good shade in most stores.  Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann has a huge array of colours in her blue range.  Her varnishes are all vegan and ‘7Free’.  You can purchase Deborah Lippmann nail products on and here’s a perfect set of three polishes for a wedding on

But perhaps it’s more fun to gift her a full manicure and pedicure.  And why not join her? 

  • A blue tune

I’ve done a post on blue songs that you can buy for playing while the bride gets ready or perhaps later at the reception or when the day is over and the couple want to relax.  You can see the whole song list in the article here.

Something blue for her new life

  • Blue cookware
Blue casserole in a kitchen
Coastal blue cookware

Whether your daughter dreams of a cheerful farmhouse kitchen or a city sleek cuisine she’ll love Le Creuset cookware.  Made in France and adored by cooks worldwide these enamelled cast iron casseroles are guaranteed for life.  I am still using mine after almost 45 years of cooking.

They are easy to clean, have heavy well-fitting lids to keep steam in and can be used on any cooking surface or in any oven.  Today they come in great colours and who would not fall for Coastal – a pale blue that looks young and modern when put on display. Or see Marseille, a solid dark blue, ideal for a swish city pad. often offers good deals on Le Creuset items such as this large Marseille casserole or dutch oven. Here’s the full set of Le Creuset casseroles on so you can do an easy price comparison.

A large deep blue casserole or dutch oven by Le Creuset sits on a modest country-style chair
Deep blue casserole by Le Creuset perfect for the bride’s new kitchen

Click here to see Le Creuset at John Lewis & Partners based in the UK.

Macy’s in the USA offer plenty of choice . 
Click here to see Le Creuset at Macy’s, USA.

Le Creuset dutch ovens (as they are called in the US, though I hesitate to use this name as it has a very different connotation in British English!) are heavy so look around for free or cheap standard shipping from your own country – most online retailers have a country button at the top right so remember to switch it to your nearest country.

  • Blue dinnerware

Everyone wants to have a special dinner service, or even just 8 special plates, for entertaining friends at home.  White is the go-to colour for everyday dishes so adding a bit of colour makes any table setting look interesting.  Choose a pastel blue for a feminine look or darker blue for a country look. 

Heal’s work with porcelain designer Mia Sarosi and this is her latest range inspired by her travels in Africa.  If your daughter loves all things eco she’ll be delighted to tell the story of these fine pieces to her friends over dinner.  Heal’s Rainforest tableware by Sarosi.

Painterly striped blue tableware
Country style brunch set in Mediterranean blue

Click here to see Ralph Lauren French country style Mason Stoneware.  It’s got a dramatic painterly Mediterranean blue stripe and would make a real impact when friends come round for brunch. Ralph Lauren has lots of gorgeous blue dinnerware! Remember to scroll through the top right of the site to get your local country and currency.

  • Blue bedding

When paired with pure white, blue top sheets, duvet covers and pillows can look so fresh and relaxing.  To make sure you are gifting a set of linens that will last and last look for a thread count of 300 or more.  Pure Egyptian cotton will launder well.  If your daughter likes hotel style elegance then adding a little starch gives that perfect ironed look. 

A country-style bedroom with Camborne White Company sheets on the bed - white with a pale blue edge, a lovely gift for a new couple.
Fresh white and blue-edged bed linens are always a welcome gift

The White Company is famous for its luxury bedding and I like Camborne which is white with a pale blue border on the sheets, duvet cover and Oxford pillows.  The pillows come in standard and large square.  Living in France I always buy large square pillow cases as that is the usual size of pillow here but my daughter likes to put standard pillows at the back with large squares on show in front. 

If your daughter hates to iron or send her sheets out to the laundry then choose linen.  This traditional material is anti-allergenic and cool in summer.  Made from flax which requires only water it has excellent green credentials.  Nobody irons linen these days.  They cover a bed with several layers of sheets and quilts, depending on the season, and allow the soft rumpled surfaces to bring a relaxed and country look to the bedroom.  A mix of stonewashed colours which all harmonize is the preferred style. 

A bedroom with crumpled linene sheets on the bed.  Pale blue from Communaute des biens.  A gift for a boho bride.
For the boho bride, super faded blue linen sheets

Communaute de Biens uses French flax and sells through the excellent online family lifestyle store Smallable.  Standard and square pillow covers, flat and fitted sheets, and quilts make an irresistible collection.  And, best of all, they sell lightweight kaftans in the same fabric. Try bleu fane – literally faded blue.

  • Cushions

The quickest and least expensive way to pep up that old sofa of hers is to buy her some new cushions and a throw.  If you buy online, try to purchase just the cushion cover (US: pillow sham) because then the postage becomes negligible.  Velvets, tweeds, chunky cable knits and silk are all popular and can be happily jumbled together for an easy-going voluptuous vibe.  Because cushions are so inexpensive they can be used for a season and then discarded – or recycled as something else, somewhere else in the home. 

Dark blue tasselled cushion
Blue cushions

Covers sewn together, either empty or with a thin filling, can make last year’s cushions into a quilt for the bed.  If you are buying ‘something blue’ cushions, why not offer to recycle the couple’s current ones in this way?

Pompoms and tasslels are de rigeur for a boho sitting room, especially if teamed with some woven baskets.

Next ship all over the world and do some very inexpensive but stylish cushions. Click here to see some to start your collection,

Woven basket in natural and white with large navy blue pom poms
Blue pom pom basket for a boho sitting room
  • Baskets

Etsy have very pretty baskets to continue the boho sitting room theme, such as this seagrass woven storage basket with pom poms.

As they are priced so low, why not fill them with something good?  A ‘lucky dip’ of blue items? 

  • Rugs

Whether or not you decide to buy blue cushions and throws, you can always choose a cool blue rug for a speedy update of the couple’s sitting room.  Next does this plain tufted area rug with a blue edge that comes in various sizes.

Dark blue Persian carpet for a bride's new home
Blue Persian rug for the bride’s new home

For a carpet that will become an heirloom think about buying a hand-knotted Persian carpet such as this one from CarpetVista. These carpets can look stylish in a sitting room then when the couple do their next update they will look good moved through to the bedroom or a child’s room.  With regular vacuum cleaning they will look beautiful for many years. I buy all my carpets from CarpetVista, they have an amazing range and the best prices anywhere.

Blue skies

Now here’s something blue that no couple would find inappropriate: the gift of a holiday somewhere warm where the sun shines out of a cloudless sky. will offer you a massive choice because everyone’s idea of a holiday is different. 

Here are a couple of weekend breaks I noticed that would suit my own daughter and her fiancé for those winter months when it just seems to be work work work.

Chefchaoune Lina Ryad & Spa is situated in the heart of Chefchaoune in Morocco.  There’s traditional and international food available for breakfast and the rooftop terrace has a view to the Medina or mountains. The on-site spa boasts an indoor pool, a hammam and a hot tub.  Wi-fi, flat-screen TV and great reviews.  Running at around £131 per night in November for a couple, what a super blue sky present to receive.  Demand they send you photos!

Blue skies seen from a tipi in Madeira
Blue skies – a winter getaway

If your daughter and new husband are the adventurous outdoor type here’s a way to catch the year-round Madiera sun and stay in a tipi.  Glamping of course offers all mod cons but also a real sense of nature.  Coming in at around £78 per night in November this could be just the refresh the couple needs once real life sets in a few months after the wedding. Airbnb.

Just to say you love her

Pale blue and pink pom pom slippers
Pom pom slippers for weekends away

Some things are just so lovely you can’t resist buying them for someone you love.  How about these sweet little blue pom pom slippers from John Lewis & Partners? Can’t you just see them being snuck into the luggage at the last moment for those weekends away the couple are planning? 

Aquamarine necklace
Aquamarine necklace

Or this delicate pendant that can hang under a work shirt all day or show itself proudly at the neck of a dress in the evening.  It’s a small aquamarine necklace by Blue Nile.  Very understated, very feminine.  Your daughter will keep it forever.

She’ll think of you every day when she’s toting this iconic Stella McCartney bag.  It’s this season’s Falabella reversible faux suede tote and you can buy it online through Harvey Nichols.  You might not instantly recognize it but your daughter will.  It’s one of those must-haves she may not be able to afford once she’s saving up for the kitchen makeover.  So indulge her with something blue that will make her smile

Bright blue Stella McCartney tote bag with zips and chain handles
Designer bag she’ll use and use

Choose one of the list to surprise and delight the couple with your adventurous take on Something Blue.  Each gift is designed to be unforgettable and to continue the spirit of the wedding …through the day…then on into their future lives together.

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