Gina Bacconi Mother of the Bride dresses 2021

Now that Boris has set a date for weddings this year in the UK I know many of you will be anxiously searching for just the right outfit for your daughter’s or son’s – or grandchild’s – big day later this Spring.

Gina Bacconi is one of the very best mid-price designers of wedding wear.  This company (sadly Gina herself does not actually exist!) offers us older women exactly the details we want.

10 features of the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit

  1. Sleeves to just above the elbow or three quarter sleeves (dress or cover-up). After age 50 most of us have upper arms that look better covered.  If you have puffy elbows you’ll need a sleeve that covers them too.  But we don’t want to look dressed for outdoors or winter so the sleeve needs to be lightweight, lacey or even semi-transparent.
  2. A stand-out color or bold print so that the Mother of the Bride is instantly recognizable (and remembered) by all the guests as well as the photographer.  The Mothers should get together and discuss colours and styles as soon as possible.  It’s best if neither wears white and they wear contrasting colours.  Otherwise guests easily get confused.
  3. Lightweight fabric – you’ll either be outside in the sunshine in Spring or Summer or inside and very warm at any time of the year.
  4. The option of a cover-up such as a lightweight jacket or pashmina in case of a cooler day or evening.
  5. Crease resistant fabric is best. Remember a tight dress may crease around the middle if you are sitting for a long time.
  6. The right length for your figure. Mothers can wear knee-length (slimmish legs) or midi length (expect to pay a seamstress to re-position that hem exactly right for your shoes and height). Maxi dresses are stunning and very popular in the States. They are gaining popularity in the UK too for both day and evening weddings. If the wedding is outside make sure they are ankle rather than floor length. Practise (a lot) walking on grass in your new dress and new shoes. If you keep tripping on the hem get it turned up and possibly wear shoes with a thicker and/or lower heel.
  7. Trousers and jump suits are very popular this year.  These allow you to feel totally at ease all day and evening whatever you think about your legs.
  8. Hats are a great way of signalling your important role in the wedding and look so good in family photos.  But even in the UK they are no longer essential.  Take your lead on headwear from whoever is setting the theme and tone for the big day.
  9. Longevity. The best outfits can be used for parties or special occasions throughout the following years.  Change the accessories to drop the wedding look and orient the dress or outfit to the new occasion. If you’re not intending to wear the outfit again then get it cleaned and put it up for sale immediately. High fashion dresses can soon look dated so buy an elegant stylish number with a classic cut that will look superb for at least five years.
  10. A million dollars. That’s what your Mother of the Bride outfit should make you feel like. As you’ll see below you don’t need to spend much at all to get that feeling!

My pick of perfect outfits  Spring 2021 for Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, or senior Wedding Guest

These Gina Bacconi dresses are ideal for a formal or semi-formal wedding.  They all conform to the essentials I’ve listed above (apart from being pants – I’ll do a separate post for great Mother of the Bride pantsuits soon.). What’s even better is that they are currently all at half price. Apart from the final frock which is full price.

This designer offers sizes 8-26 (UK sizes). Not all of these half-price dresses are available in the full range of sizes though.

If your size or prefered color is unavailable by the time you read this post browse through the other outfits by Gina Bacconi. I’m certain you’ll find something equally as good as your first choice. Gina Bacconi tends to use similar sihouettes season after season because they have proved so successful for women over 50. Colours and prints change a little but as you are looking for classics this doesn’t need to influence your selection too much. It’s the shape, fit and fabric that needs your full attention.

Don’t hesitate to order two or three dresses, try them on and send two – or all three – back. is very aware that women need to try on outfits and makes returns simple. If you’ve not used online shopping for fashion before read my article on How to buy the perfect dress online.

UK returns are free but from other countries you’ll need to pay the return postage. There are full details at the bottom of every page.

Delivery charges at present: UK £4.95. US and Canada US$25 (there will probably be import tax to pay). Australia AU$67.50 (plus any import tax). EU E18-25 (this currently includes any import taxes and other duties).

A free useful import tax calculator for most countries can be found at Look under ‘resources’.

HOWEVER, to soften the blow Gina Bacconi offer 10% off your first order. At time of writing – mid April 2021 – they are also offering 20% off with Code EX20.

Frankly these dresses are incredible value right now wherever you live. So check out these reduced dresses before getting thoroughly seduced by the new-in full price ones!

Gina Bacconi Haila embroidered mesh dress in turquoise and pink

Three-quarter sleeves are always elegant. The exquisite embroidery on these and the long jacket effect make this dress perfect for a stylish wedding. The dress itself is fitted and has stretch but the overlay means the exact contours are less defined – great if you’re self-conscious about your shape. Would look pretty with a small fascinator or a stylish up-do.

Gina Bacconi Dianora floral chiffon dress in grey

A stunning dress for a summer wedding. The chiffon tiers flutter gracefully as you walk the aisle. The clever first tier hides upper arms. The scoop back is magic. Classy yet so wearable for other parties and summer occasions.

Gina Bacconi Piera jersey maxi-dress with cape

Look at the lovely fall on this jersey dress. It’s wider than most of the long dresses available and the ruching helps disguise any little lumps and bumps! Easy to walk and dance in yet elegant enough for the most formal occasion. The lightweight sheer shawl covers arms without adding weight. This dress is just begging for a beautiful necklace.

Gina Bacconi Rexelle floral embroidery dress

Fully lined in a jersey fabric so very comforatble, not see-through and crease-defying. Showing just enough skin to make you look beautifully feminine. The fine slit sleeves are perfect.

Gina Bacconi Maisie dress and cape

The perfect silhouette! A wider top reducing to a neat skirt. Lined in jersey fabric, of course, so easy to move in and sit without creasing the hip area. The square front cape ruffles right down the back. And backs are always important – and noticed – at weddings. A charming design in Spring colours that signal hope, rebirth and peace.

Gina Bacconi Corriana floral midi dress in turquoise

This gorgeous dress can take you from a Spring or Summer wedding to a garden party or lunch at a classy restaurant. I love versatile style like this. The sleeves can extend the season. Such a clever shape with lots of folds around the mid section to even out any bumps you might have around your waist! A good length if you are taller or prefer to cover your knees.

I tried on a Gina Bacconi dress similar to those above last year two years ago. My, how time flies when you’re having fun!. I’m short and square so if you are a similar shape and wondering if Gina Bacconi dresses will work for you take a look at the short article on this blog: Patti dress try-on. I give all the details of fit and fabric but costs and so on are out of date now of course. Worth taking a look at though.

Meanwhile you could look at the Youtube video I made of my try-on of the Gina Bacconi Patti dress. As you can see I am overweight – but so are lots of women my age and that’s the whole point of making these try-ons. So you can see what a dress might really look like on someone of 70.

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  1. I was a bit unsure about what to wear to my daughter’s wedding in Spain next month, but after watching your try-on videos, I ordered a pale rose Gina Bacconi special occasion dress online-instant pizzazz! Your capsule wardrobe blog encouraged me to buy a navy blue J. Crew going out blazer, which goes with everything. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to discover my own style.

    1. It’s great to hear that you found my blog useful. Have a wonderful day at the wedding! My most recent post on MOB 2023 outfits has come a little late for you! Joni x

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