Classic Liberty print silk shirt by Brora try-on

This is my ‘real woman, real-life try-on’ of the Brora Liberty print classic silk shirt I have just purchased.

For notes on my size and the reasoning behind these try-ons just scroll to the end of this article.

The Brora silk shirt is an ideal addition to your classic wardrobe. Wear it over a midi skirt and heels or over neat pleat-fronted trousers and flats for a stylish classic look that can take you to lunch or the office.

Or wear it with jeans if your style is casual classic. This try-on shows me wearing the Brora silk shirt as part of a classic casual look.

The shirt has an ideal mix of slightly masculine tailoring using a very feminine fabric and print. This makes it easy to style as part of a professional, smart outfit and to wear it at the weekend as a part of a summery, floaty, feminine outfit.

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The Brora classic Liberty print silk shirt

The Brora silk shirt in blue and orange with dark wash jeans

This patterned shirt is a staple at Brora and they often update the colors and patterns.  So this exact color may no longer be available but other colors will be.

The fabric is 100% silk. It is not a shiny or glossy silk. This shirt has a good drape and is fine enough to tuck easily into jeans or other bottoms without making your waist look huge. 

This shirt is not see-through which is a great plus in my book.

I bought this silk shirt in the Brora sale in February 2021.

Does the Brora classic silk shirt fit true to size?

Brora shirt hanging straight at back over jeans

I would say this classic Brora shirt fits true to size – but it is not body-hugging.

I bought a size UK 14 which is my usual size.  I want to wear it on its own, as well as under other tops.  But I wanted it to be large enough to be a layer over a roll neck or tee.  I’m very happy with the size.  It drops straight down at the back over trousers which is the look I want.  I have too many bulges around waist and hips for a fitted top these days.

The front buttons well across the bust and there’s no gapping.  Some retailers sell shirts that have the buttons wrongly placed for an older woman so that horrid gap appears as soon as you move your arms.  I’m delighted that the Brora silk shirt has buttons placed just right for me.

Is the classic Brora shirt well designed?

Brora Liberty print shirt with navy tee and navy cardigan

The basic cut and design of the Brora classic silk shirt gives it a good squarish shape which is what I look for in tops.

There’s a yoke across the back to give structure and hang. The sleeves have an extra under the arm seam like most jackets do.

The long cuffed sleeves have a slightly dropped shoulder which gives the shirt a relaxed on-trend look.  This makes it so easy to style as a ‘shacket’ over a tank or tee. 

If I had a suitably colored plain jersey or cotton dress I’d definitely be able to pop this shirt over and leave it open to create a good look.  Sometimes a cardigan is too warm yet you want to cover your arms – when sight-seeing in many countries for example.  This pretty silk shirt would be ideal.

The hemline of the Brora classic shirt

The hem is rounded and slightly longer at the back which works well to conceal a large rear.  It also makes tucking in the shirt very secure as there’s lots of fabric to tuck.  Unlike a cotton shirt though, it is so fine you won’t notice an unsightly bulge below your belt.

Does the Brora classic shirt fit a petite size?

Blue Liberty print patterned silk shirt by Brora over navy too and tan pants

I prefer to buy petite whenever I can but this is a regular.  That means the cuffs come a little low on my wrist.  I don’t really appreciate having much at my wrist apart from jewelry.  But nowadays almost everyone pushes up long sleeves or folds them to three-quarter length.

Folding is fine but rolling or pushing is more difficult as the delicate silk fabric easily unrolls.

There’s a small cuff on the sleeves that would look good just peeping out of a cardigan or jacket.  I didn’t have my mid blue cotton jacket with me to try on but I’ll probably be wearing these two together for Spring so you’ll see this look in my Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe try-on in late March or early April.

Is the color good on a Brora Liberty print shirt?

Orange wool and cashmere coat over blue and orange Brora shirt

The pattern is from the original Liberty archives but recolored to fit with today’s trends and to form part of the integrated Brora collection. 

My shirt is a swirling pattern with a nod to Indian designs.  I chose it because it includes colors I know I will use in my Spring Capsule.  It has navy, mid-blue, white and tan (perfect for my wardrobe) plus peach and wine red.  The dark red echoes one of the colors in my Autumn 2020 Capsule so I know when I recycle those clothes in the future this shirt will update them perfectly.

The peach color actually works well under my orange cashmere winter coat.  And because the shirt buttons right to the neck it makes a good finished look without needing a scarf.

Brora tend to update the pattern and color of these Liberty print silk shirts every year so take a look at this year’s to see if it would work with your wardrobe.

Is the Brora classic silk shirt good value for money?

Brora shirt over dark wash jeans and navy tee used as scarf

Check here for Brora’s current price.

Brora clothing is beautifully made and designed.  It is mid-price standing between high street fashion brands and luxury designers.

I’ve been buying from Brora for years and everything lasts well.  Because there’s a more traditional take on elegant colors and patterns than with most fashion I find nothing I buy really goes out of style.

I always look forward to the Brora sale as it makes their clothing amazing value. But even buying at full price I believe the quality, colors and design makes Brora clothes good value.

The outfits I try on based on the Brora shirt

Brora silk shirt in Liberty pattern over tan jeans

I live in a tiny studio on the French Riviera in wintertime so these shots are taken in a mirror which is why you can see the camera.  Obviously I don’t bring all my clothes here.  I put together my Fall and Winter wardrobes and pack those. 

So I don’t have any Spring items to model with this shirt which means the colors are all rather wintery.  But I intend including it in my Spring capsule as it will go well with various cardigans and bottoms as the weather improves.

But the shirt was also bought to wear in cooler weather too so I’ve tried to show how it would look wearing it now in early March.  Again I haven’t got the perfect cardigan to go with it but I hope you’ll get some inspiration even so.

The details of this try-on

I call these try-ons ‘real-woman, real-life’ because I’m not trying to make outfits look better on me than they really are. 

And I’m not elongating the images a touch to give me a taller slimmer look.  I’m just wearing the clothes as you would wear them.

I am 5’2″ tall and weigh 140lbs – basically I am short and square.

At my age, 71, I’m sick and tired of seeing clothes only modelled by young slim tall women.  Frankly I sometimes just have to guess how items will look on me before I buy.  Mind you, I do check all the measurements the retailer supplies, look really carefully at all the images and note the height and size difference between the model and me.

So that’s why I do these try-ons of clothes – to show older women what the items really look like on someone who is typical for their age but a long way from the perfection of the model.

If you’re well over 50 with the usual problems of a spreading waistline and lower bust then these try-ons are for you.    

Let me know in the comments if this try-on is useful. I really appreciate all feedback!

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2 thoughts on “Classic Liberty print silk shirt by Brora try-on

  1. It is very inspiring for me to see you Jony in these pictures looking sooo good at 71, so dignified. I am 58 and striving also to look good. Great work!
    Imma (from Barcelona)

    1. Hi Imma! Thanks for the nice comment! I bet you look great at 58. Take a selfie and send it to me immother of the bride at g mail dot com. Joni x

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