Striped shirt: one new item, 5 new outfits

How to add one of today’s on-trend long striped shirts to your wardrobe. From one striped shirt – 5 new outfits.

It’s fun to find items that older women look good in and that are new to the year’s fashion. But all too often that means that you love it for the first few times but hardly wear it afterwards.

Never buy clothes that don’t go with separates you already have. Make every new item work hard for you.

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This is a try-on for older ladies

If you’re new to these try-ons you might be a bit taken aback. After all, I’m hardly a model! But I want to show what a typical woman over 70 looks like in the clothes that I recommend without ‘improving’ the look.

I’m short and square, about 20% or so overweight and with all the usual older woman imperfections of large waist, low bust, thick ankles.

Let’s get used to looking at images of real women well over 50 because there are lots of us!

Try-on of long length fine cotton shirt by

I’m trying on one of the year’s hot stories (well, in truth, striped shirts have been pretty warm for a year or so now, but this year in a longer length) and showing how you can wear it as most women will be wearing it. Then I’m showing you how to make four more outfits with this cotton shirt. You may not have the exact same clothes in your closet as I do, but you’ll likely have similar items.

The shirt I’ve chosen is Marks and Spencer’s Pure Cotton Collared Longline Shirt. It has the wider stripes that are popular this year. It is called regular fit but it’s got a slightly over-sized silhouette which fashionistas love. It’s in a lighter weight, ready for Spring through Summer. And best of all, it is incredibly good value.

1. Your holiday outfit

The fine fabric is perfect for a sunny day. Team it with white jeans and sneakers and some simple chain necklaces. Suddenly you’re looking perfect for your holiday.

Most models this year will be wearing it this way. With the long shirt tails hanging down loosely.

But you can tie the shirt tails in front too. This looks fun on holiday. And the tied ends help to cover your tummy.

Add a white tee shirt or a skimpy vest underneath for a summer evening BBQ. The vest option looks best once you have a tan, unless of course you have darker skin year round.

I’ll be wearing my striped shirt over my Marks and Spencer white Pure Cotton Everday Fit T-shirt as right now it’s sunny but nippy here in the UK so too early to dispense with layers.

These fine cotton long shirts are sometimes advertised as (minimal) beach cover-ups. So if you’re looking for a handy item for next to the pool, that takes very little packing space, this cotton shirt could be ideal. Mind you, I have absolutely no intention of doing a beach outfit try-on on this site hahaha!!

2. Your weekend outfit

Swap out the bright white jeans for chinos in any one of a range of soft, natural colors to go with your striped shirt and you’re ready for a relaxing weekend.

These Marks and Spencer Cotton-rich Tea-dyed Slim-fit Chinos have a small amount of stretch in them.

Even so, the wider cut at the hip than jeans makes them a little slouchy. I like an easy-to-button waistband otherwise I’d have been tempted to size down.

Easy to stick your hands, or your keys or your credit card, into the pockets means that this outfit works for any time of day, whether playing with the grandkids or walking the dog.

Tote a large bag to hold all your stuff for the whole day.

The casual look of the outfit will be enhanced over time as these chinos will fade slightly with every wash. So, don’t mistake them for smart wear. This outfit is relaxed casual.

3. Your lunch with a friend outfit

This shirt has long tails but because it is made from light weight fabric it’s simple to tuck into pants without creating a bulge just where you don’t want it.

Add straight trousers in navy, a slimmish tan belt, a straight edge-to-edge cardigan and loafers for a smarter look.

I like to wear the shirt cuff turned back over the cardigan cuff for a look that says you’ve thought about how you’ve styled yourself.

If you’re not wearing a necklace then button the shirt up to the neck for a sleek refined look or leave just the very top button undone for a slightly less rigid style.

Stripes recall men’s traditional button-up shirts whilst the pink says feminine. I like the mismatch of these two traditions.

4. Your day in town outfit

Prepare for all weathers with at least three layers.

Over the basic uniform of white tee and straight-leg jeans add a belt (smarter), the pink striped shirt left open (easy to remove in an over-warm store) and a trenchcoat (against inclement Spring weather). You can also add the edge-to-edge cardigan for added warmth if you’re mainly going to be window shopping.

Wear loafers or, if you’ll be doing miles and miles of walking, pop on your sneakers. Sneakers are city-style with a trenchcoat these days.

I couldn’t find shorter jeans when I did this try-on, but ideally I’d wear these straight jeans without a turn-up and showing just a tiny bit of ankle.

pink striped cotton shirt worn with navy pants and a light beige trenchcoat
This trench featured in my French Chic try-on

5. Your going to a meeting outfit

This is a mix of the town and lunch date looks.

Tuck in the shirt and add a belt as this looks more professional. Wear the neat pants and keep the edge-to-edge navy cardigan on as it looks like a jacket but way more understated.

As I’m thinking that most of you are now retired, you’ll be going to community meetings, charity and leisure activities groups and religious meetings. So you’ll want to show you consider the group important, but without looking like you are off to the office.

You can add a casual cotton blazer instead of the cardigan and coat if the weather is fine.

A striped shirt, a knitted jacket-style cardigan, or casual blazer, and neat trousers and footwear will give you confidence to speak up – or perhaps you’re leading the meeting already.

Links to the clothes on the UK site of M&S

Striped pink cotton shirt

Sienna white straight jeans with stretch

Everyday fit white cotton T-shirt

Slim fit tea-dye chinos

Other striped shirts worth looking at

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9 thoughts on “Striped shirt: one new item, 5 new outfits

  1. I found this Blog Post very useful, not only did it show interesting ways to wear a striped shirt but it alerted me to the fact M&S has a lovely pink striped shirt for sale, something I have been wanting for a while and not only that, the shirt is available in petite sizes ! Thank you so much, I always enjoy reading your Blog Posts, so useful for us older ladies.

  2. Hi Joni,

    I just found this blog while I was searching for some inspiration. What a treat!

    I was also a student at FIT from ’70-’72. Maybe we bumped into each other! I just starting switching from my black capsule wardrobe to navy this Spring. Hard to give up the stalwart NY black wardrobe but I’m retired now and living in the suburbs, and slinking about in dramatic black for book clubs and walks with my faithful Lab just doesn’t suit anymore. I also was the “mother of ” – not the bride – but the groom recently. So, thank you for your postings and for making women like us feel seen! We are enjoying some well deserved freedom and time, and still want to look and feel our best for who we are now and who we still aspire to be – wise, content, serene, playful and feeling beautiful!

    1. Hi Donna. It’s great to hear from you. So many similarities. Isn’t the internet wonderful!!! Joni x

  3. I love the pink stripes. Coincidentally, I just got a very similar shirt. Mine is a muted or soft red if red can be described by those words. My summer capsule will be navy to white. I’m not sure what the other colors will be, but I’m sure my shirt will fit in.

  4. Well said! I, for one, feel the same way. I have grand sons, now, and I love go watch them play their sport games and take them to the park, and other activities . It was & is time to updates my wardrobe and this post showed me just that
    Thank you so much to the author for all the info..I love this site!-

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips. I am quite similar to the shape you have and I often look like a potato sack. Do you have a video on fancy evening clothing?

    1. Hi Wendy. I haven’t really looked into evening clothes but, you are right, I should make a post on that subjecy. After all I guess most of us want to get dressed for a special night out now and again even if our clubbing days are over!

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