14 short hair styles that make women over 60 look younger

Many of us prefer to wear short hair once we retire. But how to cut our hair into a style that suits our face and makes us look as young and lively as we feel is often a worry.

I’ve searched for images of older women who, I think, look youthful and interesting with short hair styles. Each style makes a definite statement about the personality of the model. So check not just the hair but the accessories that create this.

If you’ve been styling yourself much the same way for years, then here’s your chance to go for a chic update.

Remember that most of these women are wearing make-up. Most of the hair styles use added color and hair products to achieve just the right look. So assess your face shape and hair texture against each hair cut to find the style that will work for you.

Make life easier for your hair stylist by showing them the image on your phone. They will soon explain if your hair could be successfully styled to look like the picture.

Brushed forward short hair with fringe
Getty images, Unsplash

This style is great if you want a short haircut while maintaining some length at the front. It works
really well for heart-shaped faces and is easy to style for a tousled look. Go for defined color as here.

Choppy fun short hairstyle that frames face
Konstantin Mischchenko on Unsplash

If you’re looking for short hairstyles that have volume and are fun to style, this textured cut could be ideal. This look incorporates a blunt-cut choppy fringe to frame your beautiful eyes, while having a more feminine messy look on top. If you like to play around with your hair style, this is definitely one to try!

Swept back pixie for youthful short hairstyles
Getty Images, Unsplash

Comb-over and swept back pixie cuts offer great versatility to an asymmetric short cut. This style works best if you have hair that holds volume or responds well to rollers or a blow-dry. It has a sporty, fresh vibe.

Fine hair in a choppy blunt cut
Ave Calvar on Unsplash

If you have fine or thin hair, this textured short cut can go casual or add earrings for a smart look. Speak to your hairstylist about the right products for your hair type to keep your cut well-defined and avoid it lying too flat.

Short hair with a heavy short fringe
Getty Images, Unsplash

For a modern look, a deep-cut short fringe makes a fabulous statement. This short hairstyle lends itself to artistic, bold fashion looks and works brilliantly paired with statement necklaces, jewelry and spectacles.

Spiky pixie cut
Getty Images, Unsplash

This spiky pixie cut is right on trend! Use a lightweight gel on fingertips and work through the top of your hair to create your desired uplift.  Get creative with color!

Low maintenance buzz cut for an older woman
Getty Images, Unsplash

This close-cut hairstyle couldn’t be lower maintenance! This hair cut works with your natural direction of hair growth and is a few grades above a buzz cut. This is a chic style to try when your hair is going gray as a pepper and salt color would look great.

Elegant layered short haircut on gray hair
Getty Images, Unsplash

This classic pixie haircut exudes effortless elegance and looks great in any color whether natural or dyed. If you love your jewellery or wear glasses then this is an ideal shorter style to show off your accessories.

Razor lines on short gray hair
Getty Images, Unsplash

Still rocking after all these years? If you want to add some edge to your short cut, you can explore razor lines. You’ll be best off consulting a barber or short hair specialist who has plenty of experience in razoring.

Curly very short hair style
Getty Images, Unsplash

This bubbly, fun look is perfect for hair with a natural curl. Work some curly hair styling product into your hair after washing to give emphasise and hold to your natural waves.  The lift at the front puts focus on your eyes, so don’t forget the mascara.

Tousled pixie hair cut
Getty Images, Unsplash

This casual, tousled pixie cut is great for thinner gray hair that responds well to styling. The sides and back are kept shorter while the top maintains a gentle curl and relaxed tousled appearance. Blow dry and use a texturizing spray for weightless volume.

Judy Dench with silver short hairstyle

This feathered silvery crop works so well for Judy Dench. She is known for her serious expression and roles but this bright and feminine look works wonders to make her face softer and more open when she’s not filming.

Classic jaw length bob short hairstyle
Getty Images, Unsplash

A short hair style that helps soften your features, the classic bob is a versatile, off the shoulder look. Inject some volume in the back when blow-drying and curl the ends with a roll brush to frame your face. Wear smoother and straighter if you’re a smart classic dresser. Or fluff out a little, as here, if you veer towards a more relaxed, casual personal style.

And finally…

Buzz cut tinted purple
Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

I couldn’t find an older model for this clipped buzz cut. But it works so well for women of any age. It will need regular precision trims to keep that exciting outline. And you’ll need to be bold enough to go for a dramatic tint, such as purple, to turn heads. Drop dead gorgeous if you have the right jawline!

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