17 Great Hairstyles for Women over 50 with a Double Chin

By the time we reach our early to mid fifties, most of us have issues with how our jaw and neck look.

Many of us show a wobbly jaw line. And while some of us are starting to get a double chin – a droopy layer or layers of fat beneath our chin – others have a scrawyny neck where the tendons stand out or there’s a crepey look to the skin beneath the chin.

How to look your best despite a double chin

There’s not much point looking for ways to reverse these signs of aging – although you will see hundreds of people claiming they can do exactly that for you. The way your jaw and neck age is mainly down to genetics – did your mother have the same worries at your age? And of course, our lifestyle will have made worse or lessened our inherited imperfections.

But frankly, by our mid fifties, we’ve done a lot of living and even taking off weight won’t sort the problem of a double chin. At best you’ll get a flabby bit of crinkled skin where once you had fleshy curves.

So if you don’t want to get facial surgery it’s time to rethink how to improve your face shape with the right hairstyle.

I’ve scoured the internet looking for hairstyles I believe make all of us with less than perfect necks, look better. Here’s what I’ve found and why I think these styles work well for women well over fifty.

How to deflect attention from our jaw and throat if we don’t like our neck.

The bob

The bob is a classic cut for women of all ages. And many of us who have had long hair through our youth decide to chop our locks into a bob.

But the exact style of bob is important.

A bob generally has hair over the face. This can easily age us.

Straight hair each side of our face can make us look drawn, now that we have lines running down from our nose and on towards our chin.

So if you decide to go for a bob you have to be willing to style it often. Depending on your hair type – fine, sleek and straight or with more body through curls, waves or going gray – you may need to use a styling tool and/or styling products every morning.

The right length bob for a fat or lined neck

The length of the bob is important. If it ends below your ears then all the drama of the cut will take place just where your jaw, chin or neck start. But you don’t want people to focus on those areas. So it’s best to get the hairdresser to make the chop no lower than the earlobe if the hair is mainly one length.

But most bobs that work well for older women include side-swept bangs that soften the look and draw the eye to the end of that sweep of hair. Then a small amount of hair is left to cover the ears and camouflage the exact contour of the neck. Perfect!

The side-swoosh bob

Grey thick hair styled into soft bob with side swept fringe
Gray hair tends to have more body – good for this style. Pinned from latest-hairstyles.com

This gray hair has plenty of natural body so will keep its shape for several days. It has been carefully cut into layers so that there’s a sense of bounce (read youthfulness!) to the look. The heavy side fringe swoops across the upper face and our eye follows this lovely curve to ear level. This is a great look for any age.

The high-back bob

Short bob with height at back
Professional coloring makes all the difference to this style. Pinned from hadviser.com

Here the bob is shorter and finishes just below the ear. The side swoop is less obvious so our eye will tend to focus on the middle of the face. A few longer strands of hair give a feminine curve to define the jaw line, which doesn’t really exist any more.

Two features make this hair look good – excellent color and that high bounce of volume at the back. Ask your hairdresser if your hair could hold this bounce – some hair can, some simply cannot. Models pop an under-hairpiece in to get this look to last all day.

The longer, straighter bob

Sandy color hair cut in mid length bob
Highlights, lowlights -add interest to a simple bob Instagram @patrizia_dessardo

I think this bob is nice but less successful. The length of hair makes us notice this model has a short neck as there’s no space between hair and shoulder. The inward bending hair around the face makes it look as if the model is trying to hide the contours of her face.

But the color and texture is beautiful. I just think a shorter bob would work even better.

The voluptuous bob

Smooth highlighted grey bob
Let the fringe hang low for date night or push it aside for work. Instagram / @HAIRBYALLYBARONE

If you’re just turning fifty your double chin will probably be more like this. The older you get the more it sags. So if you still have a ‘full’ neck then you can do as this model has done – flaunt your delightful curviness!

The flippy side fringe does its job perfectly, adding to the curvy look. The hair color, bounce and shiny youthful texture make this a gloriously sexy bob.

The wide curly bob

Wide curly bob
Curls give texture and width to this bob. Photo by Christina-wocintechchat.com. on Unsplash

Curls are great for adding volume. This wide bob reduces the size of the face and neck. The contrast of the hair color makes us focus on this woman’s smile and we hardly notice that there’s a double chin just beginning to develop.

If you have very curly hair then ensure the color is intense – whether it’s near to your natural color or a perfect white or grey or even a funky purple – and keep the bob wide and bouncy.

Styles that push the hair away from the face

This is almost the opposite of a bob. There is no attempt to cover the face or neck up.

This means the eye finds the most rivetting feature to focus attention on. This will usually be your eyes.

If you wear glasses or sunglasses this is ideal. Otherwise you should pay some attention every morning to make your eyes more noticeable. This could be just mascara or it could be shadow, or eyeliner or both. Once you’ve had your cut and had it well styled, go home and practise with the eye make-up. What you used to wear on your eyes may no longer look right.

Short hair with high top

Hair styled to fall behind ears with height at front
You don’t need to hide a lined neck to look good Pinned from Hairstylecamp.com

The hair here is styled away from the face with special attention being paid to lifting the front hair to give height. This means the actress’s eyes are now on the mid line between top of the head and chin. So our focus doesn’t really include the neck. The top hair is likely a fringe that has been styled then sprayed back. A good look if you are growing out bangs.

Medium hair with wide sides

Pale gray hair waved to add side fullness
The sweater, the hair, the make-up the smile – all soft, all tender. Pinned from lovehairstyles.com

This style still needs help from spray or mousse to keep the lift even though it is softer. The model’s eyes are midway between her hairline and her lips – great! Just where we want people to look. The hair at the sides is styled away from the face adding width so the chin does not lengthen and age the face.

The cut finishes on the earlobe. The color is carefully enhanced so it brightens the face.

What a beautiful look for an older face.

Very short hair with very high top

High lift at the front of this very short crop
High definition makes us overlook the textured neck. Pinned from latest-hairstyles.com instagram@anaribeirohair

This style also builds up the height so we gaze at the model’s eyes not lower. And note that she has emphasized the brows and the eyes as suggested. Though I would recommend a softer shade of lipstick to ensure it is the eyes we focus on.

This is a cleverly cut and layered style with a warm blond color added. The very fine fringe may be there to cover lines but I don’t think it is helping the style.

The little side tufts sculpt a good strong line for the upper face, though brushing them back so we see the tips of the ears may look more youthful. Especially as this model has lovely flat ears.

Short wavy hair with medium high top and medium wide sides

Short hair with top curls
The dress, the eye make-up, the glasses, the curls all cry ‘Welcome!’ Pinterest gettyimages.com

Bette has embraced her natural curves by curling her hair into bouncy rolls which complement the soft rolls beneath her chin. Cut short to above the ears, this style draws the eye high up on the face. Good skin, careful eye make-up and look-at-me-now glasses complete the confidant and vivacious look. Yes I see her neck is fat. Do I care? No.

A frame for the face

If you’re not sure you can keep the bounce and swing of a bob between visits to the stylist, and if you don’t want to be working on that top height every day before breakfast, then the frame may be right for you.

The trick is to cleverly shape this frame so it gives you the shape of face you want.

Think carefully about length and heaviness of a fringe. Consider where the side bangs will stop. And decide on a color that makes your complexion look healthy and youthful.

The upper face frame

Light blonde straighter cut with very short bangs
A gentle look achieved with a good cut, soft styling, cool color and those wise and beautiful eyes. Pinned from hadviser.com

The soft short fringe means the eyeline is halfway between the end of the fringe and the lips – the face is framed to make the chin less noticeable. The wispy side layers end at the cheekbones – a good look for this face.

The attractive color and defined layers add interest. But, with a more natural salt-and-pepper color and smoother combed layers the chin and its lines would be the area of this model with the most texture. Because texture (anywhere) interests humans, this would be a mistake.

The eyes and cheekbones frame

Silver wved hair cut to mid ear
Gentle waves and curls for this crowning glory. Pinned from southernliving.com

A wavy frame of hair stopping at the ears gives this model a good face shape with all the drama going on around her smiling eyes. Any lines on her neck are hardly noticed (sorry about the small photo!)

The full face frame

Shoulder-length curly bob
High definition softened by twirly curls all round. By Studio Glaycon Betin
Pinnned from hadviser.com

Although this model is younger the frame she has created is worth noting. A strong contrast between the hair and her complexion and lots of messy curls for volume mean the face is highlighted. Add to that the heavy fringe, and we focus right in the middle of her face.

All her features are strongly emphasized. We know this is a woman with a lot of confidence.

Yes, her face has curves and lines and texture. But because she shows off all her face equally we don’t especially note her chin and neck. Again, this style only really works for a youngish face.

The cheek bones frame

Short wide curly cut
Width at exactly the right level Photo by christina-wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Whilst this young woman looks to have a perfect neck and chin I just wanted to show you this style which you could copy.

Of course it depends on having very curly hair. These curls are chopped at just about the height of the ears. Instead of building height, this model has emphasized width. Her cheek bones are now the focus. A very attractive look at any age.

The cheek bones frame 2

Grey spiral curls cut short
Curls, lace, filigree – the lady loves decoration! instagram@kindredcurlsalon Pinned from latest-hairstyles.com

This is the same idea on an older model with a double chin. It works well to take the eye away from the chin and neck. Because the model’s hair is not quite so curly she has added product to keep those curls bouncy and separate. (Think texture far away from the neck!)

My only worry is that, in this shot at least, the hair seems overburdened with product so that the hair lacks youthful shine.

A hairstyle with attitude for an older woman

Let’s be honest, not many of us have the confidence to go for a modern dramatic look. But that’s just the point. If you do, you’ll immediately seem younger, more in-touch, interesting and stylish… and confident!

Here are two styles that are great examples of how to radiate natural confidence at any age, despite what might have happened to you chin or neck.

By keeping the centre of attention on the hair and the upper face, these styles minimize the imperfections of the lower face.

The blond over dark razor cut

Blonde razor cut
Soft contours of the face against modern sharp cut hair Instagram / @MURATUZUNHAIRDESIGNER

What makes this style work so well? The cut is dramatic so we really notice it.

The color is dramatic – upper pale blonde, under hair dark – so we really notice it.

The ears have big interesting earrings attached – so we really notice this area.

What we don’t focus on is the chin or neck. Hurrah!

The high back pixie cut

Silver pixie cut
Light-hearted yet carefully constructed, Pinterest

This pixie cut finishes at cheekbone level. The top and back hair is tonged then sprayed to stand away from the scalp, drawing your eyes up high on her face.

The fringe is wispy so it doesn’t weigh down the look.

The result is a vivacious, youthful, energized portrait where the exact contours of her chin hardly matter. Yes, she’s wearing a high neck, but even without this garment, this model would look stunning.

A style that follows all the rules

Here’s a model who has perfected a smart but casual style that makes her look great, despite her chin and neck.

She’s followed most of the ‘rules’ (suggestions) above but kept things subtle and right for her personality.

Strawberry blond brushed back short hair
Looks effortless – yet carefully colored, cut and styled Pinned from hadviser.com Melissa Fausone

There’s the side swipe front fringe drawing our eye sideways not downwards.

The hair stops at ear-lobe level emphasizing the eyes. (I’d go for a tiny bit shorter in fact so the hair stops level with the mid-ear).

The side hair is swept off the face giving the mid-face section prominence.

The color is carefully managed in several highlights to make the separated wavy layers (think texture) stand out.

With regular cuts this style will not need too much work each morning. Just a little help for those top layers to look airy and youthfully bouncy.

I love this look.

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I have tried to credit wherever possible my sources for these Pinterest images. If you feel your copyright has been infringed, please let me know so I can credit you properly or remove the image, whichever you prefer.

57 thoughts on “17 Great Hairstyles for Women over 50 with a Double Chin

  1. I look forward to emails from you Joni…this one about hairstyles for us older women has me nodding in agreement about all your points. I especially like your style blogs as my mid section (where’s my waist?) and flabby arms and thighs aren’t easy to camouflage in summers. Thanks for your honesty in your photos.

    1. Ah yes, Karen, arms and sunshine…when to show and when to cover?! Great that you find my posts useful. Makes writing so worthwhile to hear that. Joni x

    2. I’m sorry! But all these styles are aging. And “Karen” like and dated. The double chins are very noticeable. Sorry .

      1. Oh dear Ellen!! Who is Karen?? Why are you so sorry! We all have different ideas about hairstyles, these are just some examples to get you thinking. Joni x

          1. Ah thanks MVP. I mentioned to my daughter that Karen must have a special meaning and she laughed. Now I understand. Joni x

        1. I enjoyed this article about hairstyles for women over 50 who have a double chon. ID love to take the plunge but hesitant as Ive always had long hair. It’s sort of like a security blanket. Living in Florida and having a pool makes me want to try one of the pretty short styles you’ve shown here. Thank you!

    3. Ladies,

      There are only so many hair cuts in the realm. These are just some. I have one and don’t feel aged. By the by, Karen is someone who whines and bitches all the time, not a hair style?

  2. Hi, I’m new to your blog. I’m 75 years young with naturally platinum gray hear. I only notice my double chin when I laugh. Fortunately, I don’t have saggy skin on my neck at all.

    I do not look good with short hair so none of these shown here are good on me. I look better with chin length styles or maybe an inch or two below the chin. I have a high forehead so I like styles that offer something like wispy bangs that I can comb to the side somewhat. Do you have pictures of chin length bobs? Thank you.

    1. Hi Angela, Yes, a high forehead slightly changes the mid-point of your face so a slightly longer style will work well, as you point out. Right, I’ll get cracking on research for your idea of chin-length bobs. Thanks for the comment Joni x

        1. I don’t Angela, but I’d love if my readers emailed me with real women shots when they feel their hair is looking good. It’s so difficult to find older women in more than just a few styles and I’m not a hairstylist myself. Joni x

        2. Very interesting and good to see the different styles.
          I have lost about 50% of my hair due to cancer treatment which is ongoing so dont know if I.ll loose more.
          Be interested in seeing some styles, advice etc. I have a mixture of curly hair at the back, little bit on the far back and straight with a little wave on the side. Grey, with a little bit of darker grey with silver grey thrown in.

          1. Hi B G. I have a friend with a similar worry about her hair after cancer treatment. After trying various style she’s decided to wear a wig. I have to say she looks fabulous in it and nobody would know it wasn’t her hair. Joni x

  3. Yes, hairstyle is an important consideration when one has a double chin. I have med length hair and I often look better
    when I wear my hair is in a high bun plus I can add pretty hair accessories to help bring attention upward away from the
    chin area.

    1. Hi Cynthia, I like your tip re wearing attractive accessories to bring attention upwards. Thanks. Joni x

  4. Love your very helpful notes on hairstyles, Joni! I see in the comments others are older, like myself at 75 and also you have a range of topics like dressing to disguise less attractive areas so am anxious to sign up for your emails. Thank you for your thoughtful thorough posts. (Now if I can just figure out what ‘your website’ means after signing up ‘your name & email 😂. Where are my grandkids???)

  5. Joni,
    I’m not sure what you consider an “older woman”. I’m 58. lol I have always been self conscious about my double chin, just the same. A gift from my mother. I’m petite. 5′-2″ and 125 lbs. My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it with a flat iron. It doesn’t really look right naturally curly, in my opinion. It’s too thick in places. It’s shoulder length. I’m looking for a hair style that suits my age, that’s easy to manage and of course, flatters my face. Like most women, the double chin is mostly what we see when we look at ourselves. It’s sad, but true. I was looking at websites when I found you. I don’t think short hair would look good on me. I’d rather have it at least above the shoulder.

    1. Hi Pamela. You’ll need to add a lot of fullness through wave or curl if you want to keep your hair below chin length. I side-swooping heavy fringe as part of this wavy full look could work well but you may find this annoying as the whole idea is that it should cover part of your face. You could also try flicking out the sides so we focus on the flick rather than your chin. Best of luck. joni x

    1. Hi Lesley, I show photos so that you can take your phone to the stylist and show her the look you want. If you don’t access the internet via your phone then you’ll need to print out the page. It’s impossible to explain to the hairdresser in words, only a picture will do. Joni x

  6. This is THE most sensible and useful post I’ve read on this topic! Most drift into a condescending tone, or are all based on camouflage, as if aging is shameful.
    As important as the hair cut is, thanks for addressing color and texture , as well!
    New follower…

    1. Hi Sandra. So happy you found the article useful. Welcome to our community of women determined not to let our age stop us enjoying fashion and style. Joni x

      1. Great post. Wish I could have seen more shoulder length styles. I’ve always had a small bag under my chin. Genes I guess, even though I’m small and thin. My face doesn’t have much shape, no high cheekbones. My hair is curly and layered down to shoulders with a fringe and I wash and diffuse it.

        1. Hi Julie. I didn’t add much for shoulder-length hair as many women look better with shorter hair once their jaw-line gets weaker. But wide hair below the chin can look really good. It’s just that most older women want somthing easier to keep. Well done you for diffusing! I’d love to see a photo. You can get me at immotherofthebride at g mail dot com. Joni

    1. I totally agree. I actually like the longer hair on an older woman and I feel if it’s about shoulder length you can do so much more with it and it helps cover your double chin/turkey neck.

  7. I love the different hair styles you used . I’m 75, silver gray and my hair is curly, but thinning a lot on top. I usually wear my hair short. Any ideas you can share would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Frankie. Sounds like short is definitely the way to go especially with thinning on top. I’ll research curly hair soon and do new post. Joni x

  8. I’m 76 and have always had short, layered hair. I’ve always had a little double chin, even when I was younger and very slim. However, I’ve gained weight over the years and my little double chin is more pronounced. It’s not exactly a “turkey waddle” (yet) but I’m not sure I can pull off the short hair any more. We’ve moved around a lot and hair stylists have not been very good. We’re settled now and I haven’t had a hair cut in 6 months, so it’s grown out a lot. My hubby has been trimming the back and he does a good job but this longer hair doesn’t look good on me. I have an appointment tomorrow with a gal I like (she did my first hair cut beautifully but not so much the last 2 cuts) but I’m not sure what to tell her what I want. If I could attach a pic of what my hair use to look like for many years, it would give you a better idea. I look young for my age. No wrinkles or sagging skin. I’m very blessed.

  9. I have grey, lots of body, tiny bit of natural curl, VERY THICK HAIR, that grows FAST. I am 70 yrs old, double chin(which I HATE), active. I don’t want “old lady hair”, but what is “old lady hair” anyway. Have been wearing it short over my ears, kinda spiked, (don’t like it flat on my head,) fringed neckline, but need a cut every three weeks to maintain the style, so thinking I may let it grow out some? Live on a farm, need low maintenance, but want to look GREAT on Sunday morning but don’t want it to look like I worked on my hair for hours. Like the “not fixed” look. My stylist is great and will do anything I ask of her, but am at a loss of what to ask anymore.

    1. Hi Debra. You might find a bob that you can tie back in a half-updo or twist up into a roll means you spend less at the hair stylist. Most older women would love to have thick hair! Joni x

      1. I’m near 80, have medical issues, but need a becoming haircut??my hair is short, very thick and lots of body. I do color my hair, it’s a red (?) with gold highlights! Many compliments on my color! I can’t hold my arms up long enough to wash and blow dry it, then curl it. Any suggestions? I don’t want it too too short.

        1. Hi Beth. Why not try a pixie cut. I know you don’t want very short hair but… And if you don’t love the look and easof care it will soon grow out. For a major restyle go to the best hairstylist you can find but make sure they often work with older women so they understand our hair types. Take a photo with you. HNY Joni

  10. I have a receding jaw and no chin. My hair is very thin from hair loss. What would work for me? Would layers work?

    1. Hi Janey. It’s impossible to advise without seeing you. But I would try to keep your hair as thick as possible, not worrying about layers. And don’t dismiss a hairpiece or wig. They can look really good, very natural, and are so easy to wear these days. Joni x

    2. Joni, im 79, look younger according to comments( never know wether to believe them or not, lol) but makes u feel better!! My question, how do i find a good hairdresser? I like one that makes suggestions, but this one wants me to bring pictures, but not sure what will work for me!! Don’t want to wear a wig, but hair is thinning

      1. Hi Sheri. The hair style posts I make are designed to enable you to take a picture on your phone to the hairdresser then tell her/him any slight changes you’d like. Importantly, ask him/her if the style is even possible with your type of hair. f you start with a picture the hairdresser has an idea of how you’d like to look. Otherwise it’s really hard for them to make suggestions for a restyle. Joni

  11. all these hair styles look pretty good. i could probly mix and match ..im over 60 quite a bit..im chubby …so i will get something akin to some of these styles….my hair is long and scraggly right now and im going nuts with it like that…i raised 5 kids and mainly kept a wash blow and go hair style…i was busy…i was able to wash blow and go really well…everything depends on the texture of your hair though..mine is thinning a lot and its straight….i envy those with curl in their hair…my sister has very curly hair…hahah kind of funny but when we were teens she use to iron it to conk her kink…i didnt have to do that and i fit right in….now i wouldnt mind that curly hair…

    1. You and me both Vickie! My hair has never kept a bend for long but these days it relapses to straight very much faster. Joni x

  12. Hi Joni. I am 65 and heavy with a thick neck. I wonder if you have a suggestion for fine hair? My hair has a slight natural wave to it but I have difficulty with it holding a curl without a load of styling products and mega hold hairspray . I don’t like a lot of products in my fair. I like the style on Bette but am unsure I could pull that off without a lot of work. My hair is currently past my shoulders but I am on my way to my stylist tomorrow looking for a major trimming. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Charlene. I hope your new cut went well. If you are worried about your neck then a chopped bob to just above the shoulders would help your hair look as thick as it can and could screen the sides of your neck too. Joni x

  13. Joni – I just found this after googling “Double Chin, Chubby Face, Over 70”. I really enjoyed seeing photos with your comments. Helps me so much… as I’m trying to transition to a short “sassy” style (possibly a pixie) prior to shoulder surgery. Kinda scary but I definitely need help. My hair was a little longer than chin length (wavy)… my stylist cut it really short with tons of short layers uggh… I feel like I look really older now. Not happy… just not “sassy” enough for me. Thanks for listening. Look forward to your comments.

    1. I agree JD that finding a stylist who understands what you want is difficult. I try to take along an image on my phone. But as you’ll see form my posts on getting a bab cut, I still feel fearful whenever I go for a new look. Joni

  14. I find that short hair always lift your face in a way to make you look more fresh and youger.Long hair sag the face, and make it heavier. The pixie is always the most youthfull look. Ad som light make up, som Nice color on your clothes and:There you go!!!!🤗👍🌸🌸

  15. I SO appreciated this read. I am 51, and have a little pouch under my chin, and have marionette lines. I’m shorter 5”4 and 130lbs. My face has high cheekbones and I have hooded eyes. Currently my hair is shoulder length and is semi curly. (It dries natural with curls at the back, but the sides seem to have lost their curl?) if that makes sense…so I usually end up straightening my hair when I style. any particular style you might suggest?

    1. Hi Suzanne. It’s hard to advise without seeing your face. But as your hair has body why not go for an ear-length cut with layers so that the back has more fullness. Hope this helps. Joni

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