Best Christmas and New Year sweaters if you’re over 50

If you like to celebrate the holidays and Christmas in relaxed style then you’ll likely be wearing a sweater.

This is a great time to buy something new because there are daily price discounts one after the other right up to Christmas as retailers tempt you to open your purse.

With so many offers I thought I’d do some research for you and pull out what I think are this year’s best sweaters. If you like them then click through to the retailer asap to see what discounts they’ve got. Even at full price I reckon each of these jumpers is worth the money, but I do love a bargain, don’t you?

I’ve suggested several sweaters in each of the categories I think may be the most useful. We each celebrate in a different style and even a different mood, so you’ll love some of these and throw up your hands with horror at others no doubt!

Personally, I’d like to go to five differently-themed Christmas celebrations wearing a different one of these sweaters for each.

The grid below shows prices (full price, not necessarily what you’ll pay) if you roll over an image. To get full details including offers click on the image to go to the retailer’s site. As always, if you click through then buy I will usually receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Festive fun jumpers

At one time funny Christmas jumpers used to be frowned upon by anyone with an ounce of style. But no longer. Today everyone’s wearing them. And it’s so lovely to see people in them. In the cold of mid-winter what could be more delightful?

Don’t be tempted to pay too much for a fun or festive sweater. You don’t want to feel you have to wear the same design every year. Forget cashmere and go for glorious pattern.

Talbot holiday scene in red white and blue on sweater

Talbot’s winter scene crewneck is the quintessential festive sweater. Wear it with jeans for a relaxed day with family or close friends.

Keep your hair up if it’s long as we need to be able to see the whole scene not just a few colors here and there.

Casual hoop earrings would work well – anything that doesn’t overwhelm the fun look.

This sweater will bring smiles to everyone’s face. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it.

Red and white snowflake winter jumper by Talbot

Talbot’s snowflake turtle neck is ideal for most of us well over 50. The neckline will look good on you all day. So wear it indoors, but it will be perfect for being outdoors too if you go for a walk or pop round to say hello to the neighbours.

Wear dark straight leg pants in the same color as the body of the sweater so those snowflakes really stand out. Simple earrings in silver or gold such as hoops will look just right.

Talbots tend to design their longer sweaters a little fitted for my liking. If, as I do, you carry extra weight on your middle then buy this sweater one size larger so there’s no annoying bulges. Also no belt on your trousers,or even belt hoops, for the same reason.

The longer length will keep you warm, won’t ride up if you’re moving around or bending, and if you get the right fit it will give you a tall straight silhouette which will make you look good.

Sparkly sweaters

Dark green sweater with jewels at neck by Boden
Boden. UK link here. US link in grid above

Boden’s embellished stitch sweater is ideal for wearing over a skirt or neat pants. It’s a shortish length so you are marking your waistline. For this reason I’d go for a longish skirt or neat straight pants so that you are ‘cut’ at one third/two thirds, not in half.

You can half-tuck this little top into your bottoms, leave it as is, or tuck it into a sparkly belt.

The dark green version I especially like has a fabulous necklet of jewels to draw attention to your lovely face.  Wear brighter lipstick than everyday and perhaps tiny diamond studs on your ears or no earrings at all.  US sizes from 2 to 22.

Plum colored sweater with sequins across front ideal for Christmas party by Chico's

You can buy Chico’s tonal sequin pullover sweater in PlumBerry, which is definitely an on-trend color for 2023.

This sweater makes a big statement with all those fabulous sequins. So wear something plain and toning or black below – either straight or narrow pants or a neat simple skirt.

This is a feminine top with its bell sleeves which emphasize the cuff. Not ideal if you’re preparing a big lunch but otherwise a stunning look which shows you’ve chosen something special for the celebrations.

Keep everything but the sequinned front minimal. So no jewelry unless tiny jewel-color earring studs. But no earrings at all would be my personal choice.

Classy sweaters with a bit of bling

Pale pink holidays sweater with seqin star by M&S

The Marks and Spencer sequin star relaxed crew neck jumper in pale pink will give you just the right touch of sparkle whilst still remaining classy.  Make the most of the elegant color by teaming with black or a deep red or purple. Straight pants will look smart or go for wide pants. 

Don’t just pull this beautiful top on without trying it against various of your skirts and pants. You need to ‘wear it like you mean it’ or it will look insipid instead of delightfully feminine.

With a relaxed fit and added stretch you’ll look good in this sweater however much sitting around you find yourself doing.

I suggest you add bracelets and/or earrings that echo the ‘diamonds’.

Black cardigan with jewel buttons by Boden for festive winter parties
Boden. UK link here. US link in grid at top

Boden’s jewel button fluffy cardigan is definitely classy. The shortish length will work well if worn over a dress or with skirt.  Takes you from day to evening.  Team with feminine slip-on footwear for comfort and a family-at-home look.  Or with a midi-length sparkly knife-pleated skirt and ballerinas if you’re heading out for the evening. It will look superb if you wear your hair up so you let people catch the glint of those sparkly buttons all the way up your front.

Stylish sweaters you can wear all year

Talbot cashmere sweater with red roses on black is best sweater for Christmas

Talbot’s Audrey cashmere sweater with roses will be a favorite all year.  Wear with neat smart black or dark red pants so all the focus is on the roses on the sweater. These pants can be straight or more narrow – it all depends on how you look when you try them on. The length will cover wider hips but beware of a roll of flab at the top of your pants if you wear a tight waistband.

Choose interesting earrings to enhance your eyes or just echo the red or pink in the design. Marry up your lipstick with the color of the roses. 

This is a smart, chic look which allows for adding a velvet jacket or a sleevless one-color puffer top when needed.

Lauren Ralph Lauren winter ruffle neck top in red jersey at Macy's
Lauren Ralph Lauren at Macy’s

The Lauren Ralph Lauren ruffle sweater from Macy’s is a lighter-weight top in easy-to-wear jersey fabric.

It won’t crush or crease however often you sit down and stand up. And it will look as good in the evening as it does all day.

The fitted shape will look great tucked into wide pants. If you have waist bulges then think about adding a long straight dark cardigan (do not button it up) to make the edges of your waist disappear.

Add a little sparkle with a fine necklace and earrings for day wear but go bolder with your necklace and earrings for the evening.  You will wear this all year at all sorts of occasions.

Country-style jumpers ideal for that winter walk

Cream wide-cut winter pullover with rib by Madewell ideal for New Year walks

Madewell’s Loretto mock neck pullover comes in three country colors. My favorite is the cream to bring light up to your complexion. 

It’s wide-cut not clingy and in a very on-trend shape.  It has a lovely neckline to emphasize the shoulder which helps to balance your silhouette.

Pull it on over anything from jeans to a sparkly skirt.  Add boots and a sleeveless puffer jacket when you set off for your walk. Push up the sleeves when indoors.

Black sleeveless cashmere vest over patterned dress by Boden.  A Christmas holiday favorite
Boden. UK link here. For US link click on grid at top

Boden’s cashmere crewneck vest is fast becoming a wardrobe staple as these sleeveless knits rise and rise in popularity.

Pop it on over your pretty frock or feminine shirt when you step into the cold.  Layer it up with a wool jacket or gloves and a cashmere beanie hat. It’s an easy to wear classic and right on trend.  You’ll wear this for years.

Read this post next if you’d like to get my tips for buying and styling a dress for a family Christmas or winter holiday get-together.

Happy holidays!

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