Summer Capsule Wardrobe Try-on

I’m a big fan of having a capsule wardrobe for each season. Everything works with everything else. It’s what you pack. It’s at the front of your closet. It’s your main stay. You keep all the items laundered, ironed and hung ready to pop straight on. A summer capsule wardrobe just makes life so much easier.

I’ve laid out my 10 Step Recipe for a Capsule Wardrobe in a previous post. I’ll use the same rules here but adjust them to the season.

If you follow this blog you know that these Try-ons are about showing a real woman (me, overweight, short and 71). So that you can imagine what styles might suit you. Slim young models make clothes look wonderful but it can be disappointing when you try them on yourself, can’t it.

Dressing for sunshine and the outdoors

So first of all I want to create a wardrobe that fits my summer lifestyle.

White Joules broderie tee at John Lewis. With mid blue shorts and woven belt.
Joules at John Lewis & Partners Arlo broderie sleeve top looks best half tucked in with a belt

I live in South West France. Up to July the weather can fluctuate between cold and hot. But from July onwards the summer sets in, tourists flood through France, the cafes and restaurants boom (yes even in these sad times), and, most importantly for my lifestyle, everyone lives outside most of the time.

It’s usually too hot for long country walks or city window-shopping – my main outdoor pursuits in spring. Now it’s about sitting outside cafes and watching the world go by. Evenings with friends around the pool, the barbecue or in their pretty gardens (socially distanced this year of course).

Dressing for a summer evening

With the ten weeks of tourism in full swing towns and villages explode with activities – from piano recitals after lunch in cool stone houses through to live theatre, jazz, rock and blues in castles and village squares once the sun goes down. Most villages host at least one huge outdoor street party with food, bands and dancing going on until the early hours.

M&S jacket with rolled sleeves over white narrow jeans
The Marks&Spencer blazer adds a smarter vibe. Washable too. And big range of sizes.

So I need warm weather very casual day clothes but also casual through to smart-casual for evenings. Those stone chateaux often require a cardigan or jacket whilst sitting still for two hours of music. And covering legs and arms is often best for late evening outdoor meals when the mosquitos are looking for their supper too.

Packing for trips

I don’t take a ‘summer holiday’ as such – I consider myself to be on holiday in my beautiful chateau already. But I visit friends and family in the UK. It could be hot or quite cool. With some family (foodies) we like to sit in the garden or a pub garden and chat and we usually go to at least one upmarket restaurant for lunch or dinner. So I need loose summer easy-to-wear outfits as well as at least one pretty dress.

With others (culture-vultures) we go to art exhibitions, theatres and concerts. (Though how many of these will be running in the UK this summer I don’t know). So I need more coverage. A jacket perhaps and certainly a cardigan. And I want to look smart because we are mainly in town.

So depending who I’m visiting I’ll pack slightly differently.

At home I need lots of easy-care items, certainly shorts and plenty of colorful tops.

So let’s dive right in and see what I decided to include in this year’s summer capsule.

My summer capsule wardrobe 2020

Linen large square-cut top with wide trousers
Linen that floats freely around you is perfect for hot weather

Step One. Set the base or neutral color of your summer wardrobe

I decided on white. It looks good day or evening and makes my slight tan look healthy. White linen is cool and depending how you style it can take you from lazing in the garden to the restaurant. My wide linen pants are ‘crushed’ linen so I’ve left my top the same. A bonus – no need to iron while you’re away either.

My lovely Boden mid blue cropped cardigan over a white tank top
The pendant elongates the figure making the tank top look good even on a rounder figure type

Step Two. Select a secondary color

I’ve gone for blue. I bought a Boden mid-blue cardigan that I love and that set the theme for more than just my usual navy this year. It’s cropped so can sit at the waist over a dress or over a longer top that hangs below. Both styles are slimming. It’s so lightweight it’s the ideal cover-up on a warm evening when the bugs are out.

Mid blue jacket over narrow white jeans and a floral top
The cap-sleeved top in the sun, the cotton jacket if it’s cloudy

Step Three. Choose a special color to add a pop

I saw a fab pair of red shoes, fell in love and the rest is history. My special color this summer is bright red.

I’ve added a striped tee in red, a dash of red on a floral top and embroidery on a dress. Once I’d decided on red as my special color I remembered a red midi skirt I bought last year and never got around to wearing because it was too big. No problems this year though (sadly).

My skin dosn’t look great in red but a pop of color makes outfits look less officey.

A red printed midi skirt with rope soled striped sandals
Ideal for evenings outside the village cafe

Step Four. Decide on bottoms – at least three

I sometimes change several times throughout the day depending on what I’m up to. So I’ve included four bottoms.

My midi skirt is cool and perfect for outdoor eating in the evening. My shorts are structured enough to look OK even with a jacket for lunch out. My floaty linen pants I’ve mentioned already.

Finally my white jeans…ah yes! I actually like Mom jeans best but the blue ones I had ready proved to be simply too tight this year. Oh dear. So I decided on some narrow clingy jeans instead as I already had them. What do you think? Too tight?

Breton striped tee over blue shorts with Boden cropped cardigan
The three-quarter sleeve lightweight tee looks best hanging below the short cardigan

Step Five. Pick out tops – at least nine

I’ve decided on nine tops – one of these is a dress – plus three layers. I won’t pack them all for a week away but they give me a good selection while I’m at home.

The Laura embroidered dress is from Boden – you’ll see I bought several items from them this summer. Opening the package (with gloves on) was soooo much fun!

I chose this linen dress because it’s cool enough for a very warm day and looks good with either of my short cardigans for the evening.

Embroidery is in vogue this year so it updates some of my classics well.

Embroidered white dress from Boden
Laura linen dress by Boden in large range of sizes

Step Six. Choose footwear – minimum two pairs

I had hoped to keep my shoes to no more than three pairs but in the end had to include five pairs. They each have a different role to play and I think they are all essential. I’ll only pack two pairs (and wear one pair!) and will decide which after I choose my clothes for the trip.

Here’s how I decided on footwear.

I had the white sneakers from my spring capsule wardrobe but given the restrictions this year I didn’t wear them much. But they re fun to wear and I find they look young and relaxed with skirts, dresses and shorts.

For feminine sandals I bought some flat stripey little numbers with a bow on. They even make shorts look feminine.

If I’m in town I like the support of ‘proper’ shoes – besides nothing was going to stop me buying the red shoes anyway!

Then I was in a dilemma. For an evening smartish do I wanted the height of platforms (I never wear high heels these days). These ones work well with the bag and the rope platform makes them summer casual. I know I’ll only wear them when I’m in the UK but I feel I need them.

Then, horror of horrors, I realized that my linen trousers really need flat leather sandals. Well I’ve worn and worn the black sandals and they are super comfy. Fortunately they pack nice and flat. Even so…. I feel my capsule is getting a bit heavy – just like me.

Orange printed dress by Boden with tan platforms and woven bag
Loving my petite dress from Boden

Step Seven. Pick out a bag – at least one

To make up for those extra pairs of shoes I decided I could manage with just one bag. It will go everywhere with me this year so I expect I might only get this one season out of it. Lucky it was inexpensive then. It’s the bag for this summer. Sure, you can buy it more expensive. But us older gals don’t waste our pensions on designer labels if we don’t have to.

Navy cardigan from M&S with chunky gold necklace
My Marksand cardi works well alone with a bit of bling

Step Eight. Choose your accessories – a small set, say four

I like to wear more jewelry in summer. So I’ve included gold earrings (three pairs), a chunky gold necklace, a gold and diamond bracelet (no of course not real diamonds!), a string of fabric covered beads my niece gave me years ago and a pendant plus two other long chains. Minimal suitcase space assured. I bought the woven belt in the sales earlier in the spring (along with the bag) to draw the collection together by having natural rope-like materials in several outfits.

Orange print dress from Boden with chunky gold necklace
Phoebe jersey dress from Boden. Long regular and petite in a good range of sizes

Step Nine. Add a special item that may not go with everything

I ordered a dress from Boden thinking it would be red. When I opened the package I realized it was orange. But I really like it and so in it goes as my one special item. Perhaps I should have sent it back. But it’s petite (big thankyou to Boden who understand us short square women) and fits me like a glove. Looks good with either cardigan so good for anywhere with the aircon turned up.

Mid blue jacket over blue shorts
Shorts when I’m wanting to look smarter

Step 10. Recycle anything that’s taking closet space but you don’t really want to wear

Getting ride of stuff once it’s obvious you’re never going to love wearing it again is an important step we all struggle with.

But I now have plenty of paint rags and dusters for the year thanks to my clear out of shapeless tee shirts. You crafters out there will have plenty of good ideas I’m sure.

The items I still like but can no longer fit into this summer I’ve folded away (so they don’t make me feel depressed) and if I can’t get into them next summer either – then out they’ll go.

My Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2020 full list

Just to demonstrate that I make my clothes work hard for me and buy inexpensive items topped up with a few at mid-price.

  • Bottoms:

Mid-blue shorts (local supermarket) bought this year

Skinny white jeans (Cache Cache, France) bought last year

Wide linen trousers (source unknown) bought several years ago

Red viscose midi skirt (Monsoon) bought last year

Check tie-front shirt and white jeans
A cardigan over the shoulders helps elongate the line and take focus away from older upper arms
  • Tops:

White embroidered linen dress (Boden) new this year

White linen hankie hem shirt ( bought earlier this year

White cotton broderie sleeve top by Joules ( from my Spring Capsule

Square cut cap sleeve floral top originally from M&S, donated to me by my daughter three years ago because it needs ironing (!)

Red and pink checked tie front shirt (Cache Cache, France) bought last year

White tank top ( from my Spring Capsule

Square cut V neck cotton top with short sleeves (Cache Cache, France) bought two years ago

Sleeveless V neck red striped tee (local supermarket) bought this year in sale

Three quarter sleeve lightweight navy Breton tee (Cache Cache, France) bought two years ago

Cotton/polyester textured jacket ( bought this year

Navy viscose petite crew neck cardigan (marksand bought this year

Mid blue petite cotton crew neck cropped cardigan ( bought this year

  • Special item:

Jungle print orange jersey dress ( bought this year

  • Shoes:

Tan rope-edged platform sandals bought two years ago (M&S?)

Red tasselled loafers (Cache Cache, France) bought this year

White cotton sneakers (plimsoles) from my Spring Capsule

Black leather flat sandals bought two years ago

Blue and off-white flat slide sandals (local supermarket) bought this year

A white cotton top with beads
A simple cotton top goes with everything

Most of the items from the supermarket were discounted. I luckily purchased while both Boden and M&S had their lockdown sales. At the time of writing Boden has reduced many items listed here but M&S have finished their discounts for the moment.

Having a capsule wardrobe you are building means you know exactly what to pounce on when you see a sale. And, just as importantly, what to leave on the shelf because you know they won’t work with your scheme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Real Wome Real Life Try-on. I’m now 71 but I refuse to be invisible. I hope that seeing me – a typical older woman with no waist and chubby thighs – will inspire you to sort through your closet and put together looks that make you feel good, whatever your age or shape.

Comment if you feel inclined. It’s so good to make contact.

Have a great summer but stay safe.

By the way, I’ve published my 2021 Capsule Wardrobe Try-on at 72 now. I’ve re-used some of the items above and purchased some other clothes to up the style a bit. Take a look and see what you think!

Floral top with blue short cardigan from Boden
Clothes for relaxing in summer

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157 thoughts on “Summer Capsule Wardrobe Try-on

  1. This is great! You look great and the suggestions are perfect. Then we don’t have to try and look like our daughters!

    1. Hi Terry. Thanks for commenting. I agree, we don’t need to wear the same as our daughters. We can buy less, keep items for longer and still love the way we look – now that style is more important to us than fashion. Joni x

      1. I have lived in France too and so understand the needs there. You planned your capsule wardrobe like i decorate a house so it made perfect sense. Loved your choices. But don’t buy into the i am old ideas of others. You are living their dream so stand tall.

        1. Love all of your tips. You look beautiful. Wearing all of the longer tops was making me feel older. I’m petite too and now I realize I need to tuck in shirts and wear shorter cover ups.

          1. Hi Anita. Glad you found some useful tips in my blog. Styles change. One year we’re tucking shirts in, another we’re not. My blog tries to show a non-fast-fashion version of current styles that look OK with the body shape of most of us seniors. So expect the whole full-tuck, front-tuck, no-tuck thing to change slowly over time!!! Joni x

      2. I loved the capsule wardrobe you look great iam 80 different shape this year love my white trouser s silky wide leg ones tops and shirts a couple of dresses white jacket seems to be ok cannot get use when trying on things don’t look like before but happy healthy nice to think we all feel the same Jean

        1. Hi jean. Yes, I know what you mean about not looking the same. But hey, now we have wisdom. And surely part of that is not stressing about our imperfections and enjoying being our best selves. Mind you if there was a non-painful way to lose 20 pounds I’d be there, stressing or no stressing!! Joni x

      1. Hi Violet. You sound like you have a dressier style than me. We each have our own look and this wardrobe is not to suggest you wear these clothes but to nudge you towards making your own capsule with your own personal style. Thanks for the feedback. Joni x

        1. It is wonderful to see suggestions for women 70+. There is so much available for the younger women, it is a treat to locate a fashion article
          that is applicable to me. I turned 70 just a few months ago, and enjoy clothes as much now as when I was 20. Thank you for this article and especially for the photos.

          1. Hi Marsha. So glad you find the site useful. I know my own outfits, which depend a lot on my square shape and simple lifestyle, are not to everyone’s taste. These capsule try-ons are just a prompt to older women to take another look at their wardrobe. And I include real DIY photos because the media so very very rarely ‘dares’ show an older woman as she really is. Keep safe. Joni x

          2. I love your witty and honest descriptions about the clothes you’ve bought or been given, ( your daughter who won’t iron!) and your advice and tips are so great!
            I’m turning 70 in January. Where can I find a wonderful blog ( is that the right term?) like your’s for tall, slightly overweight women? I’m 5’9, 180 lbs.

          3. I don’t know of a blog specifically for tall women. Why not start one – it’s such a great hobby! Joni

          1. Oh dear Anita. Yes, I have started wearing larger sizes. Thanks for your feedback. Joni

          2. Great ideas, I enjoyed all your ideas and comments, I am 69 and totally different shape and colour to you, but still found your suggestions very helpful, will keep a look out for your next season ideas.

      2. Looks awful back in my grandmothers day oh my goodness older women like me like to look a little modern when we go out not like i just arrived in mule and wagon.dress like you want to if it feels good wear i

        1. Hi Brenda. You’ve probably got a more classic personal style than me. These embroidered frocks are popular right now but they edge away from the strictly classic. Thanks for your amusing feedback. Joni x

          1. Hi Octavia. Thanks for the positive comment. I’m just writing this year’s summer capsule post today so it should be published by tomorrow. Joni x

          2. you look great. I need massive sort out, have far too many clothes. I’m at an age now where I want to be stylish not too trendy. Well done.
            Anything for 2023?
            My brother lives in France too.

          3. Thanks for writing your article! I am 84 but still like to dress nicely so difficult though as quite what should an older female wear! Thanks for your suggestions think it’s nice to know that other ladies have the same problem and have come up with se solutions!

          4. Hi Brenda. I see Martha Stewart at 81 was posing for a magazine. Everyone says she looks fabulous. Bet she has the same ‘what do women of my age wear?’ worries every morning too! Joni x

          5. Joni, You have an air of class about you. You look good in all your wardrobe because you own it and are comfortable in your own skin. I’m not that confident. I’m 79 but in my mind I’m 50. Want to wear cute clothes but feel like I just need to cover up. Live in a very rural area with no access to anything but Walmart. Tried online with no success with fit. Very discouraging. And to compound all that I have a very limited budget with a closet full of clothes that I don’t wear! Suggestions? Sue

          6. Hi Sue. I think a lot of us in our seventies will know the same problem. I think the first step is to divide your wardrobe into things you can wear and things you probably can’t, based mainly on size and condition. Then ruthlessly get rid of the no-wears to a charity shop or for recycling. Then work on your possibles using the ideas for how to put together a capsule that I give in many of my try-ons. You WILL have outfits you enjoy wearing. They are in there! Joni x

          7. I agree. I’m 72 and these are way too frumpy for me. I’m sorry. I know you can do better. Step it up a bit. This doesn’t look French. More mid-west America.

          8. Hi Tanya. This is not a French style try-on. I have only done one French try-on and that was in Spring 2023 You are commenting on a post from 2020. This is a post showing how to construct a simple capsule wardrobe. The styles shown are ones which worked for my personality and country lifestyle then. We all have our own style, so no need to say ‘sorry’ just because you dress differently. Have the courage to stand by your prefered style! Joni

          9. We should wear what makes us happy but not forgetting the comum sense.
            Thanks for your suggestions
            I like simple , pretty and comfortable!

          1. I am 74 and had a kidney transplant so have had to revamp my wardrobe to accomodate a much larger waistline.
            Love love love your realistic and pulled together capsule plan!
            Sarah (USA)

          2. Hi Sarah. I hope you can enjoy the revamp process. Pity it comes with all the other worries. Joni x

        2. I agrée , it s really bad unless you live in a farm
          But as a city woman I wouldn’t be caught dead .
          I don’t get it where is the elegance, feminine and
          Beauty of a woman?

        1. Hi Georgina. Thanks for the positive comment. I had at least one reader say this dress looked old-fashioned so this is a good balance! We all have our own style. Joni x

          1. I liked most of your outfits, especially the dresses
            and top. I’m 77 and struggling with my weight and suitable clothes to wear. Love your self confidence , you are an inspiration!!

          2. Hi Beryl. Putting on weight as we age is such a nuisance isn’t it. We worry re our health and find it hard to style ourselves the way we wish to. But, most of us are in the smae position. So let’s enjoy the realities of our bodies and smile. I find a happy face always makes more of an impression than a new dress! Joni x

      3. I agree! They are not flattering at all! A nice fit-and-flare shift would look so much better, and be a whole lot more comfortable. But know that there ARE certain brands of shorts that ARE more flattering, and l usually have found them at golf shops. But one can achieve the same casual comfort with a skort, and it looks more sophisticated, especially if purchased with the companion top and/or jacket/sweater. Both Chicos and Talbots both have wonderful sport lines within their collections.

        1. Hi Joni

          Thankyou for all the advise and tips,I have just turned 70 and have always kept up with fashion,but I am worrying a bit more about what I should be wearing this summer ,will be thinking long and hard on what to buy as I always buy too much and end up not wearing half of it and I am shoe

          1. Hi Pat. Plan that capsule ready for summer this year and you won’t overindulge. Mind you shoe madness is a drug difficult to kick. Lots of people in the world would love to have your unworn or slightly worn items either for free or on Ebay. Take a couple of days to plan what and how to say goodbye to these items. Help your mood, the planet and someone with little money for fashion. What a great way to spend 12 hours of your life. As you can hear I’m a downsizing fan! Stay safe Pat. Joni x

          2. Thanks for capsule wardrobe ideas. New concept for me. Good way to reduce all these clothes I have and want to recycle. I’m 72 and have a classic wardrobe, with some bling. Still work two p/t jobs, so am seen by public.

          3. Hi Bonnie. The new year’s a great time for a clear out isn’t it. Have fun constructing your first capsule! Joni x

        2. Loved these ideas. Especially liked a “normal” model for these clothes. We can actually see ourselves in these clothes. Need more clothes modeled for “normal” women.

          1. Hi Bonnie. Lovely to hear from you. This site is all about authenticity. Even when we see older women trying on clothes in the media the images are almost always doctored. That makes it so difficult for us less-than-perfect women to appreciate ourselves. Joni x

    2. I’m happy you have a shape like mine and it works lovely for you. Makes me feel better since I’ve 4 sisters who are slimmer than me…ugh. You look great, thanks for the tips.

        1. Planning a month-long visit, road trip, to the southern part of the US mostly in Florida where it’s very hot in the summertime. I don’t feel confident wearing shorts because I’ve had knee surgeries and my knees are just lumps. Are pedal pushers still considered okay? And the other thing is I have the waving arms routine. I used to be 110 lb heavier so I’ve got very floppy arms. Your suggestions for a summer wardrobe, please .

          1. Hi Chris. Linen! Wide pants. Wide tops. Wide three-quarter sleeves. And yes, pedal pushers, above the ankle pants, are still very very in. Enjoy putting together your new wardrobe. Joni x

    3. The outfit with the red skirt is just not right. Not flattering…..Very frumpy, and I am in my eighties!

      1. Hi Reece. Actually once I saw the photos published I realized what an awful angle I’d taken this outfit from so it looks much longer and wider than in real life. Yes, in this pic it does look a bit frumpy haha!

    4. You are very pretty , love your ideas and the effort to be simple but elegant! Oh my spending time in the South if France. Lucky you!!

      1. Hi Elise. Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I’m so lucky to be able to spend the winter in the sunshine of the South of France. I decided to downsize massively in the last few years in order to afford two small but beautiful places to spend my days instead of one larger house. So pleased I did. The more ‘stuff’ I dispense with the less stress I have from day to day! Joni x

      1. Thank you so much Marion. I just got a comment on Pinterest starting ‘I don’t know who dresses this woman but..’ then lots of negatives. You see I believe the internet and social media have huge potential to unite us if we are authentic but non-judgemental. Of course nobody ‘dresses me’, my site is about how a very ordinary woman over 70 makes style choices. I write it so we older women see other older women images (very rare!) and to be honest about wardrobe worries we all have. It’s not about saying I am a style icon (I certainly am not!!) Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment which has made me feel much better. Joni x

    5. Everything looks fine for a picnic and although I am 73years, I would not go shopping ,for instance, in those clothes.

      Plus for evening, for instance going to a symphony concert, I would dress up with some glamour.

      In spite of my style of dress , I do not portray ‘mutton dresed as lamb’.

      I LOVE clothes and dressing up & I have definitely cut some of my youthful clothes out of my wardrobe.

      For instance I wore the shortest possible mini dresses , but now it is a no-no, no regrets , I did it when I could, regards.

      1. Oh dear Bea! Looking back three years to those shorts I rather agree with you!! However, I am always learning and today wear more forgiving outfits. Thanks for your frank feedback. Joni x

    6. I had never heard it called a capsule before but ithink it’s a marvelous idea. There are clothes that look like me and those that don’t. But I get what you are try to portray to get us thinking about our clothes thstmatch better when swapped around with each other. And comfort!
      Fabulous Idea.!! My go to color blue. Lots of blue
      Loved your article ! We need more!!

      1. Hi Joan. I love unearthing unloved items from my past, or indeed someone else’s past in the charity shops, and, as you say, swapping them around to find looks that work today. Joni x

    7. Not impressed. Your combinations made you look shorter and hippy. Suggest tops and bottoms match with jacket a different color. A short wedge would be more flattering than flats on a short woman.

    8. Thank you! I love your suggestions! I’m the same age and size as well. So this really helped me in choosing what can and won’t work together!! Thanks for sharing this!

    9. I would never wear those clothes, There is no style like something my mother would wear if she was still alive. I’m not trying to look Like a teenager but there’s a lot better choices for someone this age

    10. She’s a beautiful woman but her clothing choices make her look older and dowdy. She should choose clothes that enhance her youth since she doesn’t look 70 by today’s standards.

      1. Hi Karen. You may prefer my more recent try-ons, just type ‘capsule’ into the search at the top and you’ll see three years of wardrobes. Joni

      1. Your look is great; fashionable & functional! Anyone being negative, about your look or ideas, is just envious you look so good or fashion challenged! Thanks for post!

  2. my style; short waisted, long, 4inches from floor and 4 inches below knee. because
    I have many abdominal surgeries and have large bulgies. At 78 years old I like to
    look nice. your outfits, don’t look like something I would wear. So sorry.

    1. Thanks for letting us know how you choose your wardrobe Mary. You have a different personal style from me. As long as we all like the way we look that’s great. Joni x

    2. I agree, I’m 5’1″, weigh 168 and also have had abdominal surgeries. I can wear any tops tucked in or too short. It’s a delimma for sure!

      1. Hi Janice. Sounds like longer straight layers might be better for you and just forget about the waist area altogether. Thanks for commenting. Joni x

      1. It is nice to read your advice on putting together a capsule wardrobe, you make it sound uncomplicated.
        Thank you

        1. Hi Pamela. Thanks for your kind comment and you’re right. A capsule wardrobe is really just a sort-out of too many uncoordinated items you’ve amassed in your wardrobe over the years. Basically it’s no more than (stylish) housekeeping. And we’re used to that!

  3. You’re still so cute! I love your ideas and explanations! Now I know the process! Thanks for mentioning not spending the pension on designer labels, I buy nice brands off season when they’re 70-85% off, but I also have some basics from Walmart or Sam’s Club that look great! Taking care with laundry keeps things looking new. 🍃🌷💗

    1. Hi Jeanie. Totally agree re buying when reduced and adding in inexpensive basics. Frankly it’s so much more fun to make something from nothing isn’t it? We’ve all had our years of spend spend spend and don’t need to (or can’t!!) do that at our age. Thanks for your sweet comment Joni x

    1. Hi Lena, These try-ons are really just to show what you can do to update the items you already have without spending too much on new clothes. But my most recent try-on for Spring 2021 gives retail links for many of the items. Some other items I have already featured in other posts. Thanks for your feedbcak and I’ll give it more thought. Joni x

  4. I’m 72 years old and still love looking stylish without trying too hard. Thanks for all your helpful ideas. You look great!

    1. Hi Mary. Yes I agree with that idea of ‘not trying too hard’ . We’re hoping to achieve effortless style at our age aren’t we. Thanks for your positive comment! Joni x

  5. Being age 79, I really enjoyed the summer wardrobe capsule . But in the very southern part of the US, we do not need jackets or sweaters when outside. Inside with the air conditioning being cool, a light wrap is needed.

    1. Hi Silvia. Yes, I know everyone will be wearing clothes for their own climate. This is just a look at what I need here in France. The southern US must be very different. I envy all those cotton dresses you must be wearing. Joni x

  6. I enjoyed seeing your capsule wardrobe as I have far too many clothes. My shape has changed a bit after my stroke in 2019 and have an increased waist size( always a problem area) but now really hard with the rest of me. I’m tall and slim with very thin legs. I make a lot of my own clothes so that’s easier to fit in my large waist but I need to slim down my wardrobe and accept my age 68. I always want to look stylish as you do even as I reach my seventies. I think you look great in your outfits and don’t look 71 or appear square.

    1. Hi Ruth. Your height is a big plus point when it comes to having a larger waistline. I envy you!! I’m so excited you are thinking of downsizing your clothing collection. When you’ve done it you’ll feel a huge burden lifted off your shoulders. I did! Lovely to read your positive comment coming from the UK. Joni x

  7. I loved seeing you and reading your tips. I am in Florida USA and also do not need jackets!!!! I am 72, 5′ tall (short) and at a high weight of 144 lbs UGH- I feel too big around the middle to wear tucked in stuff, but maybe I should try half tucked. Also like the capsule idea, but have lots to get rid of!!!! Had to laugh at the shapeless tee shirt comment- I can relate to that. Good place to start!!!! Thanks again

    1. Hi Raylene. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, get rid of those old tee shirts and treat yourself to some new ones! Stay cool in Florida! Joni x

  8. I can’t wear sleeveless or shorts but I can still look cool. I like the idea of a capsule for each season. I strive for looking modern not younger. At 78, what’s younger anyway? Ha

    1. Hi Eve. If you have read my ‘hate your legs’ article you’ll know that wearing shorts is a whole new thing for me these last two or three years. Hallelujah! Downsizing, as with a capsule, really adds contentment to your life. Ha ha but I really have found that! And I totally agree with your comment re ‘cool at 78’. Joni x

  9. I have to agree with the comment above. The shorts are not a flattering cut for you. They are a cute color, but they fit poorly. The ccrotch is too low which causes some horizontal creases and they are a little too long. Perhaps a pair that are 3-4″ shorter? You look great in the dresses. Love them all.

    1. Hi Shauna. Thanks for your feedback. Longer shorts are everywhere right now. They’re not sporty of course. You’ll groan when you see the ones I just bought for my summer 2021 capsule – they’re even longer!! What I call girl-guide-shorts! Joni x

    1. Hi Debra. Thanks for the positive feedback! I know it can be a bit of a shock to see an ‘average-sized’ older woman modelling clothes but it’s for that reason that I do the try-ons – so we get used to seeing our age group as they are. Joni x

  10. Joni, you are a stunningly beautiful woman and an inspiration to other women over sixty. Thank you for keeping it real! Aging gracefully is the key, as we can’t turn back the clock. Those extra pounds and wrinkles are badges of honour we can wear proudly. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I love fashion but I have reached an age where I like to look chic but at the same time feel comfortable. To each their own when it comes to style and reflecting our individual personalities. You have demonstrated we can do both.

    1. Hi Marie. Well, nobody has ever called me stunningly beautiful before!! I’m going to add that to my bucket list ‘get told you are stunningly beautiful’ and tick it off immediately! Meanwhile…I totally agree we want comfort and grace as we age. Joni x

  11. I loved the embroidered dress on you! You gave me some great ideas for a summer capsule…and a reason to clean out my closet!

    1. Hi Cathy. So pleased to hear you’re planning a capsule wardrobe. You’ll be surprised how many items go with each other once you start. Joni x

  12. You look great! Pretty and “put together”. I love your clothes and color choices. I especially like you in a dress. The embroidered dress and orange dress from Boden look fabulous on you. Like you, I am 69 – will be 70 in October. I live in Southern Florida where we have Sumer, December, January and February. I live in shorts and tees during summer months. I like to dress up with slacks and pretty tops and put on a dress from time to time. I must carry either a jean jacket or sweater because I get chilly in the a/c. My closet is overflowing with clothes. It takes a while to select an outfit because there are too many choices. As a practical matter, I go to my navy, white and red during summer and black and charcoal grey during winter. One of these days, I’ll whittle it down to a capsule wardrobe. In the meantime, I enjoy my trips to the mall and shopping on line. In fact, I just ordered a few tees from Boden that were marked down. There is beauty at every age, I say.

    1. Hi Pat. Thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear from someone so far away who seems to have a similar style to my own. I’m finally finishing my Mature Style Course (it’s taken me so much longer than I expected but it’s better because of it) which you may be interested in. It breaks down into ordered simple steps: creating a capsule wardrobe, dressing for your figure type and choosing new clothes. It is designed to simplify your closet and take away the overwhelm of getting everything sorted out in one big bash! If you sign up to the newsletter you’ll hear when I release the course. I send a simple newsletter about every 2 or 3 weeks. Stay safe and cool in Southern Florida (sounds heavenly!)

  13. Hi Joni,

    Thank you for the great tips. I am 69, short, and getting shorter. I am short-waisted, and a bit of an apple shape. Years ago I took a class on personal colors and figure analysis, which saved me a lot of money over the years. You look great! I’m going to try the capsule wardrobe. And also give Boden another try. When I viewed their website in the past, I thought the clothes were too young for me. Thanks for modeling them, the dresses are very attractive on you. I recently became disabled. You have given me a much needed boost in confidence that I can still look attractive.

    1. Hi Judy. So happy you are thinking of making a capsule wardrobe. By the way I have my Mature Style Course launching very soon which makes the whole process easier by breaking it into simple steps whilst learning about styling too. Sign up to the newsletter if you’d like to get early notification of the launch. Thanks for taking the time to comment – it helps me make relevant content and helps other readers too. Joni x

  14. Jodi?
    Just your Pinterest site such a treat! I just turned 73 chronologically, but mentally 35. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I subscribed and look forward to your posts, so authentic, real. Love it.

    1. Hi Joy. What a beautiful name! Yes, get going on your capsule. I have downsized so massively in the last few years in every area of my life and cannot for the life of me understand why I thought I had to keep so much stuff! All you need is love…well that helps anyway. Joni x

    1. Yes, I’ll be wearing more dresses next summer – it was just too hot to think of a tight waistband this summer. Thx for your comment Joni x

  15. This is really great. So glad I found you. Love your overall style. Light-hearted, breezy and young. Your young face allows you to “get away with” your youthful clothing. More mature faces need to walk a finer line. I am 77 and sometimes I can wear ‘young’ and sometimes I need to go more subdued and classic. Its about all your Commenters finding their own style as you have done. For instance, i am quite short waisted and “tucked in” is not for me, So that Boden embroidered dress is perfect for me. What struck me most was that you seem your clothes with great joy. That’s what it’s all about, really.

  16. Your clothes choices look good on you. Unfortunately most of them are no good for me as I am what I describe as a chubby pear shape with a very large bust, i.e. my back and shoulders are narrow and my hips big but I have a smallish waist. Tops that end at my waist make my bust look huge and I need a deep neckline to break up the bust expanse. I have been looking for a jacket that fits on my shoulders, bust and hips for ages with no luck. I envy the ease with which many women manage to buy clothes that look good on them. I have very few clothes and have to wear them for years as I won’t buy clothes that don’t suit me just to have clothes to put on.

    1. Hi Rose, your figure is very different from mine. I haven’t written anything on dressing for a large bust but I’ll do some research and see if I can find something worthwhile to recommend. Joni x

  17. Hi Joni,

    You look fabulous and trendy while remaining age appropriate.! You’ve given good advice for doing a capsule wardrobe that’s fun, comfy and cohesive! Keep the advice coming, there aren’t many sites devoted to our age group. Leigh

  18. I think you’re a very pretty lady. I’m 76 but I wouldn’t wr any of those clothes. They are just unstylish at ANY age, to me! And the blu jacket with the blue shorts is too close to NOT match so they need to be totally different! Look at linen en outfits like FLAX and find knockoffs if you can’t can’t afford originals. EILEEN FISHER is a fabulous line and has a basic core line called something like The Basics. It’s 8 or 9 basic pieces you can build on. I believe a CAPSULE WARDROBE of really fine pieces is better than a lot of cheap pieces! Cheap pieces ALWAYS look cheap! Mix and match your good pieces and accessorize with scarves, jewelry, makeup, GREAT haircuts! REALLY: cheap clothes always are cheap looking! Buy great pants and you can buy Target cute tops! Find how to build a capsule wardrobe online! The…DO IT! Get good haircuts! Don’t skimp! Wear pretty makeup! DO IT!

    1. Joni I prefer your authenticity and positive example. I like your style inside and out. We should all strive to lift each other up Ladies. Thank you Joni!

  19. Actually the embroidered dress was you best look to me. It disguises any weight and thickness of the waist. The brown sandle with a more pointed toe elongated your legs the best as well. The item that didn’t do you justice is the blue cardigan. Unfortunately it cuts your torso in half making you appear heavier. You’re a lovely lady and thank you for your blog.

    1. Hi Gale, thanks for this feedback. I’ve moved away from short cardigans in the last couple of years as I tend to agree with you that they are not so flattering! Joni x

  20. Hi Joni! I always enjoy your posts! I am 78, have gained weight slowly over the years as my disability has limited my activities. I love your style and that you like comfort. I must have comfort first and style second. The newer look this year of boyfriend jeans are much more comfortable than skinny jeans. My waist is going away so I wear my tops out and prefer a long look as I am short and a little more bust than lucky you. I am now wearing Bermuda shorts that I find comfortable and I don’t care if my total knee scar is visible. It gets very hot and dry here for five months in summer. I have my capsule already thanks to you and Jennifer Connelly’s, A Well Styled Life blog. Being over 70 and being a normal woman is very important to be seen as we really are not tall, paper thin and young. Keep up the good work you do Joni. Yes, you are a lovely woman with a kind face. I live in Colorado USA.

    1. Hi Sydney in Colorado! Yes, comfrtable clothes are now, at last, also fashionable for women of all ages. The elasticated waist so mocked by myself and others of the jeans generation is well and truly with us again, but this time around it’s teens as well who love the comfort. Joni x

  21. I think you look nice in the shorts.
    Try leaving off the blue cardigan
    And wearing a jean jacket.

  22. Thank you for making the effort to publish what should be very helpful. You’ve made it very clear that this is your style and not for all. Something that seems to have escaped several people’s notice, judgingby the comments. Brings me to mind my Mummy’s maxim. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything “.
    I think you look good in your style. Some I could wear, some not, but the basic principles and ideas are really helpful.

    1. Hi Lindsey. yes, it’s the process that I am trying to get across. We don’t need to rush out and buy anything that fits. We don’t need to groan when invited somewhere nice. We can enjoy getting dressed every morning even if we will only be walking the dog and lunching alone. And most of all we don’t need to give up on ourselves just because we are older and our shape has changed. Joni x

  23. Thank you for being so open. I love your choices. I am your age and fashion can be a challenge ( to say the least). Thanks for giving me some fashion for thought. 😊

  24. I’m turning 75 but often have to remind myself of this as I feel maybe 60 ha ha .Still like sleeveless and shoestring tops .Arms aren’t too bad sort of wrinkled but they’re mine.
    Love your style .young at heart.

    1. Hi Marge. You’re probably a bit like me re arms. I’m OK with bare upper arms with older people but get more careful about showing them when surrounded by young people. Sad but true!! Joni x

  25. Thank you so much Joni. I’m 76 short and overweight . This is a wonderful idea. I’m going to create the capsule. You look fantastic .

    1. Hi Vida. Take a look at all three summer capsules to get an idea of ways to ring the changes. I do a seasonal capsule every 3-4 months. Of course the actual styles I choose are based on my very informal relaxed lifestyle but the concept works for every one of us, whether we are stylish urbanites or casual countryside dwellers. Joni

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