Best shoes for women with wide feet

The image at the top of this page is the Un Rio Strap sneaker by Clarks.

Years ago wide fitting shoes looked pretty grim.  But that’s changed today.  With the general increase in weight of younger people footwear retailers have realised they need to up their game.  So don’t plump for a shoe simply because it’s wide enough.  Demand style too.

What to look for in good wide-fitting shoes

  • Good style
  • Not pointed toe
  • Not stiletto heel
  • Cushioning
  • Breathability
  • Stretch materials inside and out
  • Sole that lessens impact e.g. rubber
  • Sole with a secure gripping tread
  • Space for insole – take out when feet swell
  • Adjustable width via laces or Velcro – especially if your feet are different widths.

My pick of wide fitting shoes

I’ve picked out some favorite styles here. Not every shoe has all the above qualities but they all have good style and each has its own benefits for women with wide feet.

Here are my favorite brands for shoes for wide feet

Gabor at

Gabor at is my winner for a brand where comfort and style come together. 

These fashionable suede sneakers would look so chic with jeans.

Gabor trainers in suede with laces and plaform sole
Gabor Quench Trainers at

Whilst slip on trainers can seem ideal for wide feet they can quickly get slack so you’ll find footwear designers who really care about wide feet will usually offer many more sneakers that lace up.  The bonus is that if your feet are different widths – for example if you have a bunion on one foot but not on the other, a lace-up can be adjusted to fit without anyone noticing.

Platform or ‘flatform’ sneakers have been stylish for a while now.  At first I thought they looked too extreme for my age but in the last two years I have preferred them.  They give the silhouette we expect in 2020 inspired by athleisure – which is a narrow leg ending in a heavy foot.  Platforms protect your foot from direct impact on a hard floor or sidewalk which is useful if you suffer from hip or back problems.

Gabor Gigi block heeled navy suede shoe in wide fitting
Gabor Gigi block-heeled shoe at

A block heel is perfect for more dressy occasions.  The higher the heel and the thinner it is, the more pressure your foot feels.  So never wear very high stilettos for an all-day event.  For a business meeting or a smart evening event these block heeled suede shoes have just enough height to slim you leg and elongate your figure and the scallop edge adds detail that takes these shoes out of the ‘plain but safe’ category.  Wear with a knee-length or midi dress or skirt or under neat trousers for a smart yet comfortable look.

Clarks shoes

Clarks have been making shoes for longer than most other designers.  They have always stressed foot health and comfort and were a mother’s first choice back in the 50’s for sensible school shoes for growing feet.

But they revolutionised their styles a few years ago and today offer good-looking fashionable shoes whilst still offering quality at an affordable price.

For a smart heeled court shoe I love the Laina 55

Clarks Laina 55 mid heeled black leather court shoe with wide fitting
Clarks Laina court 55 in black leather

To help with comfort there is a rubber sole and a carefully constructed foam insole to cushion feet.  The toe is pointed so this won’t be as comfy for your toes as a rounder wider toe area but the wider fitting will ensure you can stand up for as long as you need to without feeling pinching.

The Laina 55 Court comes in several colours and textures so you should be able to find the right addition to your suit or dress.

For a really comfortable everyday shoe I love Clarks Sharon Dasher.  Odd name but a good-looking loafer with a raised platform heel and a twist of suede at the front.  The raised heel will help your ankle look slimmer whist the front decoration will draw the eye away from the sides (or size) of your feet.  Perfect with jeans, a skirt at just below the knee or an autumn outfit.

Platform soled loafer in red suede by Clarks
Clarks Sharon Dasher in burgundy suede

Asos wide shoes

Asos is a worldwide fashion retailer that has always understood its customers.  As they grew heavier so Asos started introducing curvy sizes and wide fit shoes.  I’ve bought simple shoes from Asos lots of times and been pleased with the added width.  They might not stand up to hard or regular wear (but that’s not what most of their customers want) but for occasional shoes, especially now we are home so much Asos is definitely worth a look. 

Asos wide fitting ballet flats in beige patent
Asos wide fitting Lucy Bow ballet flats

Here’s the type of shoe I buy from them: Lucy Bow ballet flats – basically simple flats with a bit of extra oomph.  Perfect at home or for in the car. for clever shoes

If you are serious about foot comfort, especially if you have foot problems such as bunions, then take a look at, a US based designer.

Because foot health is so important to them you’ll mainly find flat shoes and sneakers.

I like the sturdy look of these winter shoes called Wichita. They will go well with jeans or cargo pants and give you that heavier foot I mention above.  They come in a huge range of sizes and in standard through to extra extra wide. They are designed for comfort. There’s so much information about how they will make your feet happier that it’s hard to resist!

Black Orthofoot stretchable Wichita shoe for winter
Orthofeet’s Wichita stretchable wide shoe

But like most serious foot-care ranges their shoes are good for sports and long country walks but less stylish for other times.  You may just have to accept that you buy very simple shoes and team them with a gorgeous bag to add the style.

Never underestimate the power of the right shoes to make your life happier.  A tight pair of shoes can make your hips and back ache, make you grimace without realising it and of course make you cry with pain!

So be prepared to pay the price for the right shoe.  Especially if it’s going to be worn often. 

That said many of the styles I’ve suggested are discounted right now (November 2020).

Remember that online shoe retailers know you may need to send shoes back or try two sizes on.  Don’t fret about doing that.  Selling online, even with huge numbers of returns, is still so much more profitable for shoe retailers than having high street shops.

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Happy walking!

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