Capsule cold weather wardrobe from the Brora January 2020 sale

Here’s a quick heads up on an important sale.

Brora is one of Britain’s best-loved fashion brands.  And it’s made its name through its winter wear mainly – woollens and cashmere especially. It ships all over the world and has a flagship store in New York now too.

Brora styles are perfect for women of all ages and that includes us over 50s, over 60s and over 70s!  That’s because the colours are subtle, the materials are excellent quality and the styles are classic with a hint of nostalgia. 

So this is just a shout-out to go look online at their winter sale where many items are almost half price.  Here’s the link to all their women’s sale items.

I’m not sure how long their sale is on so it’s worth taking a look as soon as you read this post.

I’ve selected 5 items from their sale which I think will become staples for your cold weather capsule wardrobe.  Here’s my selection:

The Jacket

Their silk velvet jacket comes in sizes 6 through 16.  It’s cut reasonably short which defines your waist without emphasising it.  This is a really good look for anyone with a rather heavy mid-section (and that’s most of us!).  It’s a beautiful deep plum colour.  Wear it open over a fine shirt or dress. Or button it up, add a big statement necklace and wear nothing else under it.  Perfect for parties and for smart-casual meet-ups with friends whilst the dull days are here.  It will definitely lift your spirits.

The Dress

The Liberty print silk chiffon midi dress has a fabulous floaty ambience.  Wear it with the silk velvet jacket or just as it comes.  Either way you can dress it up or dress it down depending on your hair style and earrings.  It will take you to a sophisticated evening function as well as to a walk through an art gallery then lunch with a pal.  It has long sleeves which are semi-transparent, so not too winterized but no worries about our upper arms being on show.

The trousers

Brora’s velvet jeans come in steel or midnight and either colour works well with the Plum coloured velvet jacket.  These pants can go everywhere.  With a fine top they’ll look fashionable for the evening.  With a big jumper they’ll look cosy and relaxed as you flick through the Sunday papers.

The shirt

This pintuck cotton blouse in white will look crisp and stylish worn with the jeans.  Wear it outside the jeans for a casual look or tucked in (or half-tucked in) with a belt for a more dressy look.  It will sit sweetly under the jacket too for a polished put-together vibe.

The jumper

The cashmere Guernsey cardigan in Ivy will complete this capsule wardrobe.  Wear it buttoned up over the dress to give a separates look which can be worn with ankle or knee-high winter boots.  Wear it buttoned up over the jeans with nothing underneath (or just a very fine camisole top), add bangles, bracelets and beads and enjoy your stylish look for coffee with your daughter.  Or wear it open or closed over the shirt with diamond studs in your ears and redder lipstick on and make a great entrance next time you’re out for drinks.

All these items are slightly different colours but they work really well together and you avoid that ‘capsule’ look where one colour dominates.  The varied textures of the items allow you to dress up without looking overdone and too formal.  It takes a little confidence once you’re older to mix styles, colours and fabrics but it really pays off.

So check out the Brora sale where there’s around 40% off my recommendations.  These are classy clothes that you will wear happily for years to come.  Happy shopping!

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