45 wonderful things about a capsule wardrobe

Did you know that women who create a closet based on a planned capsule for each season have wonderful things happen to their lives? They save money, stop wasting time, look better and feel happier. 

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of creating your own capsule wardrobe this season.

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How you save money with a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You spend less on new items – because your wardrobe makes the most of the clothes you already own (and possibly rarely wear)
  2. You never go shopping without your capsule list – so you don’t buy on impulse (and regret that yellow skirt for years)
  3. You never look for items online but get side-tracked by the ads (and get out your credit card too fast)
  4. You often buy when clothes are in the sales – because you know exactly what you’re looking for
  5. You invest in a few quality classic items especially when they are reduced
  6. You never buy anything you’ll only wear once – all your clothes work hard for you
  7. You never buy an item just ‘because it fits’ – you only buy clothes you plan to buy
  8. You know immediately whether an expensive item is worth buying –does it fill an important gap?
  9. You stick to a budget for every item – because you’ve planned what else you’ll need to buy
  10. You never buy at the last minute because you have ‘nothing to wear’ – you’ve planned to always have something to wear whatever the occasion

How you save time with a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You can be dressed for the day in less than five minutes flat – every item works together so no wasted time pulling an outfit together
  2. You can pack for a trip in minutes – take the whole capsule for longer trips or grab a smart or casual couple of bottoms and four tops and your accessories for shorter trips
  3. You can go from day to evening effortlessly and with the minimum of time – you understand the power of the small details
  4. You can dress down to up in seconds –you’ve planned how to use accessories for this
  5. You never need to search  through your huge tangle of jewelry – you always have the right accessories at hand
  6. You iron less -your clothes don’t get creased through being hung or folded too tightly together
  7. You can instantly narrow down your search when shopping online – save yourself hours of scrolling
  8. You can cast a speedy eye over the sales or new-in racks in stores – know immediately if there’s anything worth trying on

How you always look your best with a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You know what colors suit you – you’ve practised with colors so now you wear the clothes not vice versa
  2. Everything goes beautifully with everything else – so you always look well put-together
  3. You’re more creative with your clothes – and it shows
  4. You make better use of accessories and jewelry – the key to looking chic
  5. You look up to date – because you check style and silhouette trends before finalising your capsule
  6. You know what colors will look fashionable because you check these before deciding on your special (non-base) color for the season
  7. You never wear anything that doesn’t fit you any more –you’ve tried on every outfit in advance
  8. You never wear second best because your ideal outfit needs laundering – your capsule is precious and you keep it looking immaculate
  9. You never look casual for a smart event – you’ve planned for such events
  10. You never look ‘officey’ when you’re in a casual situation – you’ve planned stylish athleisure and loungewear into your capsule
  11. You don’t wear clothes that are out of season – you have a capsule for each season and store other clothes out of sight
  12. You never throw on the same old outfit – because you don’t have time to search through your closet
  13. You’ll feel confident and stylish so you’ll smile more – the simplest way to look great!

How you feel more confident and happier with a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You feel in control – of your time, your money, your style and your life
  2. You like the way your look – you’ve selected every outfit to look good in the mirror
  3. You get compliments on how you look – and that always makes us feel great
  4. You only buy something new when you need it for your capsule – and lose the guilt
  5. You are happy buying a replacement when an item doesn’t fit or starts to look past its best – and lose the guilt
  6. You recycle clothes that you never wear to others before they are out of style – and lose the guilt
  7. You recycle worn-out clothes as rags – and lose the guilt
  8. You put age-appropriate style and comfort before fashion (you never buy on a whim) – so never regret making embarrassing or expensive mistakes
  9. You don’t feel guilty when you open your closet – because all your clothes get worn regularly
  10. You never feel depressed and say ‘I’ve nothing to wear’- you start the day on a high instead
  11. You don’t feel fat when you decide what you’re going to wear – because everything fits
  12. You never get bored with your clothes – because they change every 3 months and you don’t see your whole wardrobe every day
  13. You’ll fall in love again with clothes you bought in previous years – because you are styling them differently today
  14. You don’t feel intimidated by other people’s style – you know your own style and your clothes show this

Have I inspired you to get started on constructing a seasonal capsule?

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